Update from Alex

Hi, Friends and Family

You will have to admit, hearing from me is like a soap opera. Let me bring you up to date.

Last week my heart doctor had me start wearing a heart monitor because of the irregular beats and lack thereof. I had to do a stress test, also last week, and they found lots of strange things about my ticker. So, I said, ok, I'll wear the monitor to please the doctor. He's a great guy and needs the extra car payment. It wasn't too bad except that I had to call the info in about every hour because the storage chip kept filling up.

So, this past Sunday morning at about 7:00 AM one of the doctors at the Heart Institute called and told me to get to the hospital in Albuquerque immediately. Whatever the monitor was telling them was critical enough that he thought I could die any minute. Really! Me, Superman or at least Grandpa Superman.

Ardeth and I fooled around, washed up, ate breakfast and had a nice drive to ABQ. We got to the heart hospital and they had been expecting me. Whooooosh, I'm taken to the exam room, hooked up, probed, stuck and filled with a whole bunch of stuff.

As an aside, I had collapsed the previous week up on the mesa while Ardeth and I were walking Pal. Also, I had had the stress test just a few days later. Now I felt like I was an alien held at area 51.

Bottom line, they said unless they put a super-duper pacemaker/de-fibrillator into my manly chest I could die with no notice. Not being the kind of person who sneaks out without making an announcement I went along with their plan.

Not a fun experience but probably one that was needed. I can't really believe it but there you have it. I'm now the proud owner of a super computer embedded in my chest and no matter what happens, I'm ready. Now I'll probably have to live until I'm 150 or more.

So there you have it. I'm alive, kicking and shouldn't be working at all but had to let you know. I can't use my left arm for about a month because, right now, any movement could pull the leads out of my heart. I was told that's not good. I have to wait until scar tissue forms over the wires.

Greetings to ALL our family and friends out there.