Alex Merklinger


11 October 2006


Dear Friends and extended family members:


It is now almost one year since we broadcast a live show on Mysteries of the Mind.  As you know, we have been able to keep our archives up so you could replay shows and enable new listeners to become regular “family” members.  It is amazing and encouraging to learn thousands of you continue to listen.  For that I thank you.  I also want to thank the many thousands of you who have kept in touch with us with updates of your thoughts and feelings.


When Ardeth and I committed to doing the show, we did so with one idea in mind: to bring truth and knowledge to people the world over.  We feel that we fulfilled that goal.


Before I continue, I want to acknowledge some people who made the broadcast possible and without whose help and assistance the show would never have made it to the air.  First and foremost was Vince Goetsch.  Without Vince’s daily help, the broadcast equipment and computers would have been reduced to a pile of junk.  Vince also did double duty keeping the web site up to date.  I could go on and on telling you of the importance that Vince Goetsch brought to the operation, but it is impossible to thank him adequately for his unwavering help and loyalty.


Next is Emily Grider.  Emily, in addition to being our Executive VP and Corporate Secretary, was our main web master and the support that enabled Ardeth and me to continue our work.  If there was ever a real Angel who protected us and kept us going, it was Emily. (Emily, you know of which we speak.) Emily did so while holding down a high-level, demanding full-time career. She has been and is one of the most wonderful people GOD ever sent our way.


Most important to mention is the support, help and unwavering love of my beloved wife Ardeth.  I may have been the main voice everyone heard but it was the work of Ardeth that enabled me to be on the air each night and have the production and research material at hand for me.


Equally important for the success of the show were all of you people who made Mysteries of the Mind the most listened-to radio show on the Internet.  After we stopped offering the show to the many radio stations around the country, we offered it only over the Internet.  There were many radio stations who still offered the show on their facilities, but the main source was your computers.  When I stopped live broadcasting, we were listened to in at least 72 different countries. According to figures supplied by a statistics source, about 500,000 people around the US and Canada were listening. These figures we know are accurate.  How many more people and countries were on line we may never know, but for each and every one of you who became part of our family, we thank you.


The past year has been interesting, testing and rewarding.  However, I wouldn’t want to have to re-live it.  Most of you are aware of the trials and tribulations with which we, and our immediate family, have been faced.  Our daughter, Saucy, continues to show that she is one of the strongest people in the world.  She has become an inspiration and example of hope to so many people with the similar problems and to others who begin to feel sorry for their lot in life.  She is my real hero.


In all honesty, I have not missed the broadcasting.  I do miss the communication we all had with each other but the time and energy expended in the actual broadcast; well, I just don’t miss it.


Many of you have been asking when and if we will come back on the air.  Unless several things change, it could never happen again.  The financial drain was almost complete and only because of the support we received from many listeners was it possible to last as long as we did.  We also believe that our facilities were under constant attack because of the information we put out to all of you.  The physical and emotional strain began to prove to be too much.  I have different thoughts concerning my heart attack but know that the strain of the show was the major factor.


Ardeth and I have talked about doing periodic specials, maybe one a month, or, if the opportunity arose, to do a weekend show on Sirius Satellite Radio.  That would enable us to continue our work but not be faced with the constant problems and trials of running the broadcast facilities.  I know I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it again and I doubt that Vince would be available to work with me.  We’ve both paid the price already.  So, if you think this is an alternative that would be acceptable, I can only suggest you contact Sirius Radio and ask them to offer the show.  Candidly, I won’t contact them so it is up to all of you.


The bottom line is, Ardeth and I feel we completed our goal and have many other things that we have to do.  We have much research to continue, several writing projects that need to be initiated and/or finished, our health must to be restored, our home needs to be completed and we have much, much studying to do for our own growth.  On top of all these, I am working on several business transactions that will restore our former financial position.  The success of these business deals is a prerequisite to moving forward with our plans.


In closing, I have to ask each of you to be true to your beliefs and pick up the mantle that we all started together.  The world is in such a precarious state that unless each of us stands up and steps forward to take the lead in spreading the truth, we can never again complain about what is happening around us.  Don’t ever be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.  Remember this, “To thine own self be true and then it must follow as surely as the night follows the day that thou cannot be false to any man”   Not exact but you get the point.


Please keep in touch with us as best you can.  Thanks you so very much for all you have given and I pray that GOD Blesses you and your loved ones.


Take care,

Alex and Ardeth










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