Earlier this week we had to say “Good Bye”, for a while, to a very special friend: Bill Pawelec.

Most of you knew Bill as a frequent guest on Mysteries of the Mind. His wealth of knowledge in every area of interest was unmatched. His concern for people the world over and his awareness of world events put him in a class by himself. No matter what the topic, Bill had the most up to date information to share with all of us. His wonderful sense of humor will be sorely missed.

Those of us who knew Bill on a personal basis were blessed with a friend like no other. If a person was in need, Bill was there willing to help out in any way needed. I can’t begin to tell you the many times that Bill Pawelec appeared at the door bringing needed things to keep Mysteries of the Mind on the air. His generosity and eager willingness to help was his trademark.

Bill and his beloved soulmate Annie DeRiso, never came to visit Ardeth and me without having something in hand. Sometimes they would have a box of special cheeses and crackers. Or it might be a basket with a gourmet ham and sweets. This wonderful couple exhibited a sense of class that is very rarely found in today’s world.

Bill and I first became acquainted when a mutual friend, Vance Davis, came to Santa Fe to hold a conference. That was about six years ago and since that time I have been blessed to be able to call Bill Pawelec a close friend. Many times when Bill would visit us we would talk for hours about situations in the world and country of which he and I were personally aware, and in many cases, in which we were involved.

A further example of Bill’s concern for humanity was the fact that he had been collecting the most important works of humanity and saving them so that, if and when a drastic change happened to the world, humanity would have knowledge to study and re-start. Bill was constantly in touch with important people around the world who had new and important ideas or products and he would secure these items to share with me and others.

When Bill first met Annie DeRiso his whole life changed. For the first time, he was complete and relaxed. Annie brought the one most important thing that was missing in Bill’s life: total, complete and unconditional love. Bill had been bursting with a total love to share with that one special person. When they became a team I saw Bill become a complete and satisfied man. Whenever we talked, either on the phone or in person, all his conversation, all his dreams always revolved around his Annie. What a blessed couple they are.

From a selfish standpoint, I will miss my friendship with Bill Pawelec beyond words. He was, and is, a very unique and special associate. In my heart Bill will always be there, sharing, suggesting and guiding each and every one of us. I will truly miss the ability to give my friend Bill a hug and tell him I love him. My life will forever be enriched for having known him.

Ardeth and I send our sympathy and love to Bill’s beloved Annie and thank her for bringing to Bill the completeness that made him the man he became for all of us. May GOD send His blessings to Annie for being there to share with His special agent: Bill Pawelec.