The following list of suggested reading intentionally omits books and articles written by guests on Mysteries of the Mind. It is our hope that the interviews with authors and experts will provide information which will enable the listeners to decide for themselves which literature to pursue. The list you find here is intended to be a few selections of reading material that Alex and Ardeth have personally found to have been meaningful in their careers as perpetual students of Truth, Light and Love.  We hope that you will be inspired by your own "inner voice" to seek out some of those listed below. (Listed in no particular order)

Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand
  Also	The Fountainhead
The Secret Life of Plants - Bird and Tompkins
Kinship with all Life - J. Allen Boone
Adventures in Understanding - Manly P. Hall
  Also	 The Mystical Christ 
	Questions and Answers of Esoterica
	The Secret Teachings of All Ages
	The Phoenix
	The Secret Destiny of America
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ - Levi
Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda
  Also	Man's Eternal Quest
	Whispers from Eternity
The Book of Life - Robert Collier
The Book of Mirdad - Mikhail Naimy
The Book of Mormon - various
Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered - Machaelle Small-Wright
A Search for the Truth - Ruth Montgomery
    Also	Born to Heal 
	Aliens Among Us
	Companions Along the Way
	A Gift of Prophecy
	Here and Hereafter
	Strangers Among Us
	Threshold to Tomorrow
	A World Beyond
	The World Before
The Bridge Across Forever - Richard Bach
  Also	Jonathon Livingston Seagull
	A Gift of Wings
	Nothing By Chance
Breakthrough to Creativity - Shafica Karagulla
A Case for Reincarnation - Joe Fisher
The Chakras - C. W. Leadbeater
  Also	The Devachanic Plane
	The Masters and the Path
Chariots of the Gods - Erich von Daniken 
  Also 	In Search of Ancient Gods
Citadels of Mystery - L. Sprague and C. de Camp
A Concise History of Freemasonry - Robert Freke Gould
The Curve of Development - Dr. Daniel Fry
Out on a Limb - Shirley McClain
   Also	Dancing in the Light
Divine Healing of Mind and Body - Macdonald Bayne
The Eagle's Gift - Carlos Castaneda
The Edgar Cayce Black Book - Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)
ESP, A Scientific Evaluation - C.E.M. Hansel
The Essene Code of Life - Edmond Bordeaux Szekely
  Also	The Essene Gospel of Peace
Essentials in Ancient History - Arthur Wolfson
Executive ESP -
The Expanded Universe - Robert A. Heinlein
An Experiment with Time - J.W. Dunne
Faces of Findhorn - Findhorn Community
Journeys Out of the Body - Robert A. Monroe
  Also	Far Journeys
The Fasting Bible - Joseph P. Borowski
The Federal Reserve Hoax - Wickliffe B. Vennard, Sr.
The Fellowship - Brad Steiger
The Fifth Dimension - Vera Stanley Alder
  Also	The Finding of the Third Eye
	From the Mundane to the Magnificent
The Future of Man - Teilhard de Chardin
  Also	Hymn of the Universe
The Gnostic Gospels - Elaine Pagels
The Great Seal of the United States - Paul Foster Case
The Greater Key of Solomon - Liddell, MacGregor, Mathus
Handbook of Christian Theology - Benjamin Field
High Mysticism - Emma Curtis Hopkins
Holding Wonder - Zenna Henderson
The Llamsa Bible - George Llamsa
The Holy Science - Swami Sri Yukteswar
The I AM Discourses - The Count St. Germain
In Tune with the Infinite - Ralph Waldo Trine
The Kabbalah - Charles Ponce
Killing Cancer - The Jason Winters Story - Benjamin Roth Smythe
The Kybalion-Hermetic Philosophy - Three Initiates
The Law of One (Parts 1, 11 & 111) - Elkins, Ruekert, McCarty
Also	The Ra Material
The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East - Baird Spalder
Life After Life - Dr. Raymond Moody
The Living  U..S. Constitution
The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe - Glenn Clark
Many Lives, Many Masters - Dr. Brian Weiss
Matter in the Making - Langston Day and G. De La Warr
Meetings with Remarkable Men - G. Gurdjieff
Melchizedek Truth Principles - Frater Achad
Modern Miracles - Investigation of Sai Baba
The Most Mysterious Manuscript - Robert S. Brumbaugh (the Voynich Manuscript)
The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed - John Allegro
The Mystical Interpretation of St. John - Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer
Nothing So Strange - Arthur Ford and Harmon Bro
On Death and Dying - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
The Origin and Destiny of Man - Lytel Robinson
The Origin of Consciousness - Julian Janes
The Philadelphia Experiment - William L. Moore
Points of Cosmic Energy - Blanche Merz
Pole Shift - John White
The Power of the Rays - S.G.J. Ouseley
The Principal Upanishads - Edited by Sri Swami Sivananda
Prodigal Genius - The Life of Nikola Tesla - John J. O'Neill
Psychic Energy - Joseph Weed
Radionics and Progressive Energies - Keith Mason
The Religions of Man - Huston Smith
The Riddle of Life - Annie Besant
The Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures - Max Heindel
  Also	The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception
	The Rosicrucian Mysteries
	The Web of Destiny
Rosicrucian Question and Answers with Complete History - H. Spender Lewis
The Rosicrucian Enlightenment - Frances A. Yates
Rudolf Steiner's Vision of Love
Rudolf Steiner: Knowledge of the Higher Worlds
The Search - Tom Brown, Jr.
  Also	The Tracker
The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics - Jean Doresse
The Sirius Mystery - Robert K. G. Temple
The Stairway to Heaven - Zecharia Sitchin
  Also see Internet search for all his books
Super-Learning - Ostrander and Schroeder
  Also	Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain 
Handbook of Psychic Discoveries 
Teaching and Brain Research - Michael P. Grady
Tesla: Man Out of Time - Margaret Cheney
There is a River - The Story of Edgar Cayce - Thomas Sugrue
Unfinished Symphonies - Rosemarie Brown
Natural Science and Universal Law - Walter and Lao Russell
Universal Mind - Scudder Klyce
The Wanderer - Kahlil Gibran
Waves - William Bixby
We Don't Die - Martin and Romanowski
You Have Been here Before - Edith Fiore

For those of you with interest in UFO's and such, here is a partial list of Ardeth's personal collection: Remember, recent books will not be here, as most of the authors have been guests.  There are also books in the above list which touch on Ets, abductions, UFOs, etc., but this list is more refined. Enjoy!

The Amnesia Factor - J.H. Mathes and L. Huett
The Andreasson Affair - Raymond E. Fowler
  Also	The Andreasson Affair - Phase 11 
UFOs - Interplanetary Visitors 
Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery - George Adamski
The Bermuda Triangle - Thomas Jeffrey Adi-Kent
The Bermuda Triangle - Charles Berlitz
The Book of Encounters - Warren Smith
CETI - Jack Stonely
Chariots of the Gods - von Daniken
Communion - Whitley Strieber
  Also	Transformation - The Breakthrough
The Evidence of UFOs - Hillary Evans
Extraterrestrials Among Us - George C. Andrews
In Search of Extraterrestrials - Alan Landsburg
The Interrupted Journey - John G. Fuller
  Also	Incident at Exeter
Intruders - Budd Hopkins
  Also	Missing Time
Light Years - Gary Kinder
Phenomenon - 40 Years of Flying Saucers - J. Spencer and H. Evans
UFOs Exist - Paris Flammonde
The UFO Experience - J. allen Hynek
UFOs - Past, Present and Future - Robert Emenegger
URI - Andrija Puharich
Uri Geller, My Story - Uri Geller
The World of Flying Saucers - D. Menzel and L. Boyd
Out There - Howard Blum
UFOs? Yes! - D.R. Saunders and R..R. Harkins
UFOs: What on Earth is Happening? - John Waldon
Encounters - Edith Fiore
Flying Saucers are Watching Us - Coral E. and Jim Lorenzen
Dimensions - Jacques Vallee