Each Week for an Indefinite Period, I would like to share with you, The Science of Being, as it came to me from Lightbearer Eugene Fersen. As there were only 5000 copies of the original book, one of which has been passed down to me ,I feel it is my privilege and solemn responsibility to carry the torch forward as a volunteer Lightbearer. Feel free to copy this for your personal use. However, I ask only that you always specify that it was brought to you by Eugene Fersen ,copyright 1923, by way of one who has been fortunate to have basked in its Light.

Science of Being

"This book of Science is dedicated to the Author of all Science, to His Glory, for the good of Humanity by His Lightbearer.


Let those who read this book understand that its main object is to bring Enlightenment to Humanity through Pure Knowledge aflame with Love, and its mission is to pave the way to Peace and Harmony and Power.

Though a book of Science, it is a friend of true Religions and Philosophies. They will find their fundamental tenets scientifically explained by the Science of Being, which will also show them that they are all brothers, because Truth is One, and is the Golden Thread on which are strung the varied pearls of Religions and Philosophies.

The day will come when Humanity will have outgrown its present concepts of Divinity, when Man will have lost his faith in teachings based on Faith alone, the day when utter despair will grip the heart of a World which has lost its God. Humanity will then discover through the Science this book teaches that God has always lived with men, yet they have not known Him.

The Author


Lesson One

The Absolute (Spirit)

The Five Aspects of the Great Principle


The Fall

The Beginning of Involution - Like a Star Falling from Heaven did he fall to Earth -

Creation - Let there be Light- the Earth as flaming Nebula

Element - Fire - Involution through Fire

Color - Gold and Orange

- I AM ONE - Unity of the Law of the Absolute

Great question - the greatest of all questions - has been asked by Humanity for countless ages, "Is there a God?" From the point of view of religion, it is accepted on faith that there is a God, a Divinity, Who is called the Father of Man and of the Universe. But human beings are not satisfied with believing on faith; they want to know, to have irrefutable proof of the existence of Divinity. Therefore has it become the task of Science to investigate the matter and find an answer to this question, an answer which will satisfy the searching of the rational mind; and Science has solved the problem nobly.

Through scientific investigations, it was discovered that there is a Universal Force, which may be termed Eternal Energy - Primal Energy - pervading the whole Universe, filling Infinite Space.

If Primal Energy fills Infinite Space for one moment, it becomes at that moment one with Space, and if it is one with Space for one moment, it must be one with Space for Eternity, because there is no place where it can lose itself. Therefore, by logical reasoning, the Basic Energy of the Universe is found to be Infinite, and at the same time Eternal, has been and always will be so. Through further investigation, it was discovered that Infinite energy expresses itself in most admirable laws, sublime laws; that it shows the profoundest intelligence and logic, a self-consciousness expressed in the divinest terms, laws invariable, true to themselves, mathematically correct, and above all, harmonious and beautiful.

As a result of all this reasoning, was discovered, through its first Universal Manifestation as Primal Energy, That which has always existed, the Eternal Unmanifest called God, conscious of Its own power, law emitting, law abiding and most Harmonious. In other words, there is a Unit, a One, existing eternally, expressing Itself through Its Creation, the Universe, consciously governing it, sustaining it in a condition of Eternal Harmony, and loving it - for Harmony and Love are one. Harmony means Attraction. Love is Attraction.

Thus Science has discovered Divinity under another name. Therefore for the word "God", which would have been used in Religion or Philosophy, will be substituted a word having a deeper meaning, covering broader ground , - the word "Principle."

The word Principle is not related especially to Divinity, but applies equally to every science, logic, activity and art, as the principle of music, the principle of mathematics, etc. The word Principle gives a clearer idea of the Great First Cause, of Divinity, than does the word "God". The word itself cannot be exhausted by its various definitions, and it instead of a few definitions, we should give ten thousand, the whole ground would not have been covered. Yet there are five words which characterize the word "Principle" in general, including Principle as applied to the Great First Cause (Divinity), The Great Principle.


Scientific Definition of the Word Principle

"Principle is that which creates, constitutes, governs, sustains and contains all."

These five words include all the various lesser definitions. What must Principle do first? First it must CREATE, because it cannot handle anything before it has created the very thing it has to handle. Thus the first activity of each principle, no matter if it is the principle of music or of mathematics or of anything else, must be creation. The principle of music creates notes, the principle of mathematics creates numbers, etc. But creation does not inevitably mean order. It may be chaos. So that there should be order, it must CONSTITUTE, that is, assign to each phenomenon its proper place which it will keep eternally. With numbers, the activity of constitution demands that one is made 1, two is made 2, three is made 3, etc., and each has its proper place. Two can never lapse into three, or three can never become four, - they are all IMMUTABLE. It is only because they are what they are, eternally, immutably, that we can calculate at all mathematically. The most complicated, intricate calculations are possible only because each cipher has its place assigned, constituted in order out of chaos. What is the next activity of Prinicple? It must bring forth out of itself its laws - changeless laws - by which it GOVERNS that which it has created and that which it has put in order, constituted. These laws are then named. There are, for example, the laws of mathematics. Through the application of these laws we attain the invariable result of our calculations. If we misapply the laws we make mistakes. This applies equally to music, to logic, etc. But the acts of creation, constitution and governing may be for but a moment. There is nothing in these three activities which ensures their continuance. After Principle has created, constituted and governed, it must SUSTAIN its very creation so as to make it permanent, eternal. And finally, if Principle creates everything there is out of itself, it must then CONTAIN within itself all of its creation. It must be the father of its creation. It must be the circumference, from within which springs all creation; and since Principle from its own circumference, therefore, it is the center and circumference of all. PRINCIPLE is all. So it is with the Great Principle, the Great First Cause, Whom we call Divinity, or God. From Eternity out of itself The Great Principle created the Universe, including Man and everything else in the Universe. From Eternity it assigned to each created thing its Proper Place. Every blade of grass has its place, every star knows its course; and as long as all keep their places and perform their duties, the Law of Order in the Universe continues to operate. But if they should slip from their places or fail in their duties, there is chaos. The Law of Order and Harmony is transgressed. After it has assigned to everything its Proper Identity, its Individuality, it issues from itself the Universal Changeless Laws which then govern them. Everything down to the smallest electron is governed by Its Laws - Laws as precise, as invariable, as mathematical as the laws of mathematics itself, for mathematics is part of Its Creation and is therefore subject to Its Laws. Nothing can be above or beyond these Laws, for they are a manifestation of the Eternal Activity of the Great Principle Itself. The fourth activity of The Great Principle is its Power to Sustain. It pours out all Life and Energy from Itself, and sanctions and supports its own Life, Intelligence, Laws and Love so that they will exist with it eternally. From it proceeds all. And lastly, as the mother-bird covers her fledglings with her wings, so the Great Principle enfolds all Creation within Its boundless protection and Love. It contains the whole Universe and therefore may be said to be in a way greater than Its own Creation. Yet It is identical with Creation, for Creation is the exact counterpart of the Great Principle, the Eternal Unmanifest, of which we perceive but the Manifestation. No one has seen the Great Principle, the Unmanifest, at any time. We perceive and appreciate It only through Its manifest Laws. The Universe is the manifestation and the scientific actual proof of the existence of the Great Principle. TO THIS PRESENT STATE OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, THE GREAT PRINCIPLE APPEARS IN FOUR DISTINCT ASPECTS - LIFE MIND TRUTH LOVE They are in a certain scientific order; they have been so eternally and cannot be changed. It has been said, "God is first Love". But one cannot love if one does not already live, and even Divinity Itself cannot reverse such a sequence. The Great Principle is First Life. It must first live and then It can think. It must first live and then It express Truth, Law. It must first live and then It can love. THE FIRST ASPECT OF THE GREAT PRINCIPLE, THEREFORE, IS LIFE. What comes next? MIND. For Life must become conscious of itself, conscious of its own existence. If it were not conscious of itself, Life might be said not to exist completely; but it is able to say, "I think, therefore I am." Next must come TRUTH, LAW. The Self Conscious Life must be true to itself eternally, law-emitting, law-abiding, since it can only work harmoniously when it is true to itself. And finally, what must be last? It must be LOVE - HARMONY. For if Life were not capable of Love, of Harmony, it would be set against itself, repelling instead of attracting, self-hating and therefore self-destructive. Love and Harmony are synonymous terms. LOVE IS THE LAW AND ALSO THE FULFILLING OF THE LAW; it is Love alone that sets the seal of Eternity on all; it is Love alone that justifies Eternity and makes it what it should be, a blessing. Without Love, Eternity would be the most terrible hell imaginable, for it is only when we know that there will be Everlasting Harmony that we can face Eternity. And the only guarantee of Eternal Harmony lies in the fact that The Great Principle Itself must love eternally, in order to maintain throughout Eternity Its Own Existence. That is why we cling to Love to the very last, when all else, Life and Mind and even Truth, have apparently failed us. LOVE IS NOT FIRST IN ORDER BUT IN IMPORTANCE. Whatever else may be achieved will be of no use without Love, for it is the beauty and radiance and joy of the Universe. These are the Four Aspects of the Great Principle. They are instantaneous and simultaneous, yet expressed in their logical order. This order cannot be changed; it is fundamental and scientific. Those Four Aspects of the Great Principle, as manifested in our lives, may be regarded as the four corners of a perfect square, and their mutual relations analyzed from a scientific point of view. Let us take the upper left corner, Life. What does Life face, if we pass a line across the square diagonally? We find Life facing Truth. What does this mean? It means that THE FIRST ETERNAL DUTY OF LIFE IS TO BE LIVED, that it must be true to itself.

For if Life is not expressed through activity there is no hope possible for it. In order that there should be continued activity, energy manifested (thus making all else possible) Life must be true to its own mission, TO LIVE; for this reason it faces Truth. What has Life on its right side? It has Mind. The right side is always considered the dominant side, because it stands for the right. Therefore Life has Mind on its right side. This implies that LIFE MUST BE CONSCIOUS OF ITS OWN EXISTENCE, of its own operations, of its own duties, for if it were not self-conscious, it could not achieve all that it should achieve. Upon the left side, Life has Love. This means that Life must not only be constantly active, conscious of itself and its activities, but that in order to be eternal, IT MUST ALSO BE A LOVING AND HARMONIOUS LIFE. It is the left side which is the side of the heart, the organ, the symbol of Love. We come now to the lower left corner of the square, Mind, and draw a line across the square diagonally. What does Mind face. It faces Love. This means that the Mind's eternal duty is to be expressed first in Love; it must interpret Harmony, for without this nothing would be good in its work. Therefore, Mind must always face Love. THIS IS THE GREAT LESSON THAT MIND HAS TO LEARN THE LESSON OF LOVE. What has Mind on its right side? It has Truth. This means that it must demonstrate Truth, because Mind had once perverted Truth in his own nature. It is said of Satan that he was a liar from the beginning; and yet Satan is Lucifer, is Mind. Therefore, THE NEXT LESSON THAT MIND MUST LEARN IS TO BE TRUE. Truth implies Law - a constant reminder to Mind to be Law abiding, for it was Mind also that first violated the Law. And upon the left side, Mind has Life. It must express activity - MIND MUST BE OPERATING, THINKING. As that is a natural function for Mind, it becomes a secondary duty; hence Mind has Life on its left side. At the third corner of the square stands Truth. What does Truth face? It faces Life, for TRUTH MUST FIRST BE LIVED. Truth which is not lived is not Truth. For that reason, the first thing that Truth has always to face is its own expression, its manifestation. Law, the corollary of Trugh, must be demonstrated, put into operation. The Laws of the Universe must be eternal and voicing themselves eternally, or the Universe would sink into chaos. And what stands upon the right side of Truth as its dominant power? Love. FOR TRUTH, LAW, MUST PROVE ITSELF TO BE ARDENT, COMPASSIONATE, TENDER, a Law of Harmony and beauty. It must be radiant and great-hearted, not the cold, dry truth of the intellect. It is the burning Truth of Love. On the left side of Truth stands Mind. It signifies that Truth must be expressed consciously; the Law must be intelligently formulated; but those functions being natural to Truth, Mind is placed on the left side of it. And finally to the fourth activity of The Great Principle. What does Love face? Love faces Mind. Love manifests itself last, but is the most sublime of the Four Aspects. IT IS A POWER SO GREAT, A GIFT SO PRECIOUS, THAT IT MUST NEVER BE WASTED OR MISUSED, IT MUST BE USED INTELLIGENTLY, FOR THAT REASON IT FACES MIND OR THE CAPACITY OF DISCRIMINATION. Jesus said: "Cast not your pearls before swine." Do not squander Love, the precious gift, on those who do not understand it. Jesus knew these Laws, and the relation of these Aspects of the Great Principle to each other; therefore he warns us to be careful not to throw away this most wonderful treasure. SO LOVE MUST FIRST FACE MIND. What has Love upon its right side? It has Life. This means that Love must be continually expressed in activity. IF WE DO NOT LIVE LOVE, THEN WE DO NOT LOVE. At its left side is Truth. Love must always be true to itself. But Love IS always true to itself. Truth, Law, is a very secondary power for Love, because by its own harmonious nature it is always law-abiding, always true to itself. The Two greatest powers in the World, Love and Mind, are facing each other in the Square. They are the two manifestations, the first dual emanations of the Great Principle, of Divinity, - Christ and Lucifer. Love expresses Christ; Mind expresses Lucifer. Satan was once called Lucifer, The Carrier of Eternal Light; his Eternal Mate was Christ, the Anointed One. but Mind in his pride had fallen, AND CHRIST, LOVE, TO SAVE THE WORLD, ASSUMED THE ACTIVITIES WHICH HAD BELONGED TO LUCIFER AND BECAME BOTH IDEAL LOVE AND PERFECT MIND. Originally it was not so, and finally it will also not be so. There will come an adjustment, and the two counterparts will be re-united and become equal again. Mind comes to us and leads us to Perfection, yet it cannot enter with us through the door of Perfection, of Heaven, for it is an exile from Heaven. For the time being it is shut out; and because it is seemingly separated from the Infinite Principle, it cannot grasp Infinity. It is only through Intuition and through emotion, especially of the higher self, that we can become One with the Great Principle, and rise into the highest vibrations, into the Infinite All. Mind cannot bring us there. It is Love, the Christ in our nature, that part of us which has never fallen and which has remained perfect eternally, which ALONE CAN LEAD US BACK TO INFINITY. It is therefore our duty to work out of the limitations imposed upon us by Mind, the Lucifer principle in us, and to ATTUNE MIND TO THE CHRIST PRINCIPLE IN US, this redemption will unite again these two apparently diverse principles in Eternal Harmony. Now if equal lines are drawn from the four corners of the square upwards to a common point, the figure produced will be a pyramid. And if we work harmoniously and simultaneously from the four corners, Life, Mind, Truth, and Love, and extend these to one point, that point will symbolize SPIRIT, the Absolute, the All-inclusive Principle from which everything proceeds and to which it finally returns. The ancient Pyramid of the Egyptians, built so many centuries ago, meant this very thing. It meant Divinity working from the four-square of Humanity, through Life, Mind, Truth and Love to Its own apex, Spirit. Geometrically it would be impossible to construct a perfect pyramid unless each side were equal to the others; the apex would never be reached if even one side failed it its proportions. So it is just as impossible from the point of view of the Absolute Law to reach Spirit, if any one of the Aspects of the Great Principle in us is at fault, THE FOUR SIDES MUST BE HARMONIOUSLY EQUAL, none must fail or dominate the others. We should not concern ourselves too much about reaching the apex, Spirit, if only we work conscientiously at harmonizing the four sides, for the Law itself will look after the results of our work. We are building up the ground under ourselves in working out these four Aspects of the Great Principle, for EVERY TIME THAT WE PERFORM AN ACTION ENERGETICALLY, INTELLIGENTLY, ACCURATELY, AND LOVINGLY , WE HAVE PLACED BENEATH OUR FEET A STRATUM THAT EXTENDS TO THE FOUR ANGLES OF OUR SQUARE. Thus we have risen by this much, and gradually, using every activity performed with energy, intelligence, accuracy and love, as a step upwards, we shall rise nearer and nearer to that point which is Spirit, and which is the final goal of all human endeavor. When we reach Spirit we do not ourselves know how we reached It. Nor do we need to know, for it works according to Law, and all we must do is to LET THE LAW WORK FOR US AND NOT CONCERN OURSELVES WITH THE FRUITS OF OUR ACTIONS. If the work is good, the result will be good, according to the Law of Cause and Effect. It is all so simple, and yet human beings so little understand it and wonder why their progress is stopped. Some one says, "I am so loving, so generous, I am willing to give everything. Why can I not rise?" Perhaps one of his qualities is not developed, one of the corners of his pyramid not properly built. The problem is to find out which one of the corners is underdeveloped. Let us take, for instance, any one of the little daily actions in our lives - not something which we especially like to do, but just an ordinary action which has more the character of a duty than a pleasure - and let us analyze how we perform that action. If we do it energetically, the Life corner is strongly built. If we do it intelligently, the Mind corner is properly represented. If we do it accurately, the corner of Truth (Law) is also well balanced. And if we do it lovingly, the Love corner is then in harmony with the other three corners. But if we discover in the actions we analyze that some of those four qualities are too weak in comparison with the strong, all we have to do is to reinforce the weak characteristics in order that they should strike a proper balance with the strong. NOW BY ONE OF THESE ORDINARY ACTIONS OF OURS WE CAN FIND OUT THE WHOLE OF OUR CHARACTER, just as by analyzing a drop of water taken from a pool we are able to discover all the qualities of the water of the whole pool. In correcting the weak sides in those little daily actions of ours, we will by and by improve our whole character and make it harmonious, thus properly building up our Live Pyramid. This will secure us a speedy progress in our individual evolution. THE POINT IS THE CONSUMMATION OF PERFECT HARMONY FROM ALL SIDES. From these four basic corners, from the so-called human square, we rise to the Divine Point. If we look down from above, we find the Four Aspects, the Manifestation below; and if we look up from the Four we behold the one Point, Unity, the Great Principle, the Unmanifest, Spirit. And thus we have also the correlation of numbers; we have the number four of our human square and the number three of the Divine triangle represented in the side of the pyramid, four added to three making seven, a number of completeness. Besides that, by multiplying four and three, we have twelve, again a number of completeness, but manifesting it under a different aspect. Seven and twelve play a very important role in our present stage of Evolution.