Meet Our Guests:

Adams, Cathie: Upcoming Oslo Conference on world governance

Allen, Al: "theoretical physicist who entered the field of neuroimmunology due to the perceived security needs of the U.S. during the Korean war. He invented and patented the family of AIDS therapies licensed to CytoDyn, and guided the manufacturing and testing of Cytolin through approval of its first clinical trial. Also authored "The Last Day", a novelette about aliens and whether they were really here."

Allen , Judy A. – message therapist/wellness consultant, M.S. in exercise physiology with an emphasis in mind/body education. Judy is a member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division and has just finished a research project examining power in the golf swing. The results will be entered in the science in the golf research contest by Golf Magazine. Judy is a graduate of the Golf Power Course and also Mind Development, taught by Alex Merklinger.

Ammerman, James: " Former Head Chaplain of the Armed Forces, Bureau of Prisons and Military Hospitals, Col Ammerman is doing what he can to inform Americans of the dangers we face with regard to loss of sovereignty and civil rights, such as ownership of private property and the right to bear arms."

Andersen, Brian David: Quantum Disk Co - Invented and produced the first functional underwater housing system for broadcast television cameras called the Ikegami and Sony Betacam. Was hired by ABC Sports to video- tape Wind Surfing Competition in 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics with new aquatic camera system. Was Producer / Director / Cameraman for underwater television productions around the world and also marketed the underwater television housings to other cameramen and production facilities around the world. In 1994 developed a battery or wall plug powered device that utilized a one megahertz frequency and when the sound signal passed through a series of elements the atomic structure of liquids and solids was transformed and improved. The device called MULTY-TRANZ generated a multiple transformation of any liquid or solid and many conditions of human pain. In 1997 discovered that a combination of metals processed and molded in special manner also changes the atomic structure of liquids and solids without the sound generator, batteries or electronics. This new technology made mostly of the element of aluminum was named the Quantum Disk FVY and has been selling this device since May 1997. Also co-developed the nutritional powder called Quantum Nutrient Blends.

Andrews , Jack – artist and explorer. Mr. Andrews has personal experience with the Grand Canyon area, having made over 21 hikes covering over 250 miles and maintains an avid interest in the "Lost City of the Dead in the Grand Canyon". As part of his lifelong background as an artist, Mr. Andrews has been doing 3D computer images for "Ancient American" magazine about the cave and may provide additional images for the "Rock Lake Research Society", which investigates the strange structures discovered beneath Rock Lake, Wisconsin. and

Arkush, Michael: "Golf Legends Author of most recent book, I Remember Payne Stewart: Personal Memories of Golf's Most Dapper Golfer by the People Who Knew Him Best. Earlier books are: Fairways and Dreams: Twenty-Five of the World's Greatest Golfers and the Fathers Who Inspired Them;Tim Allen Laid Bare: Unauthorized Rush!; Davison High: An Oral History of an American High School 60 Years of USC-UCLA Football with Steve Springer."

Armstrong, Virginia, Dr.: Need For Change - Potential for radical changes before a change of administration in the White House.

Atwater, PMH: "an author who has become one of the leading researchers on the near death experience (NDE) after having experienced the phenomenon herself. Ms. Atwater discusses 4 different types of NDE's and the many ramifications encountered as a result. Much of her information relates to changes in the brain and the transformation of consciousness. Her most recent books include "Future Memory" and "Children of the New Millennium". Her earlier book, "Coming Back to Life" is being reissued by Kensington books this fall in hardcover as a classic book."

Austin, Dave: "Author of The Unfinished Cross. Son of one of the most highly decorated chaplains in the history of the U.S. Navy, received degrees in both psychology and physical education from San Diego State University, achieved world ranking in professional tennis. Dave trusted the voice he heard within himself, giving him him an interpretation of the Bible "with Jesus' help". Austin does not claim to have all the answers or to be starting a new religion but believes he may have the answers about what Jesus was trying to say. He and his wife, Cathy, remain loyal members of the Presbyterian Church in Camarillo, where they live with their four boys. Mr. Austin can be reached through his publisher, Hampton Roads at"

Backster, Cleve: "Polygraph Technology Recognized as the world's leading expert on polygraph technology. Discovered in polygraph testing that plants have a consciousness, provided the inspiration for the best seller, "The Secret Life of Plants", by Peter Tomkins."

Banister, Joe: "former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent, author of "Investigating the Federal Income Tax: A Preliminary Report", discussing the fraudulent ways the IRS gets people to pay their taxes."

Banker, Dr. Deborah E., a visionary in the field of Opthalmology, developer of exciting new breakthroughs in electromagnetic field applications that restore vision and overall health while reducing the aging process. Dr. Banker has created a "Self Help Vision Improvement" book and will discuss this natural alternative to lasik surgery. Dr. Banker works with diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma and early cataracts.

Barber, Mark, Dr.: "Dr. Barber is a practicing dentist in Port St. Lucie, FL, born and raised in WV, graduated cum laude from W.V. State with B.S. in biology, then attended WV University School of Dentistry, graduated with Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, honored by American Academy of Dental Radiology, accepted by Psi Omega fraternity and later became President. In most recent four years, has been researching mental illness, psychiatric medications and treatments, and incorrect labeling and drugging of children. Member of Citizens Commission on Human Rights."

Baughman, Fred Jr., MD:  Dr. Baughman has been an adult & child neurologist, in private practice, for 35 years. Making "disease" (real diseases--epilepsy, brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, etc.) or "no disease" (emotional, psychological, psychiatric) diagnoses daily, he has discovered and described real, bona fide diseases. It is this particular medical and scientific background that has led him to view the "epidemic" of one particular "disease"--Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)--with increasing alarm. Dr. Baughman describes this himself. Referring to psychiatry, he says: "They made a list of the most common symptoms of emotional discomfiture of children; those which bother teachers and parents most, and in a stroke that could not be more devoid of science or Hippocratic motive--termed them a 'disease.' Twenty five years of research, not deserving of the term 'research.,' has failed to validate ADD/ADHD as a disease. Tragically--the "epidemic" having grown from 500 thousand in 1985 to between 5 and 7 million today--this remains the state of the 'science' of ADHD."

Begich, Nick, Dr.: "author of "Earth Rising: The Revolution Toward a Thousand Years of Peace", "Towards a New Alchemy: The Millennium Science" and co-author with Jeane Manning of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology". Through the Freedom of Information Act, Dr. Begich has uncovered information about "new concept" weaponry in the hands of China."

Bell, Mark Russell, previously a publicity writer for Paramount Studios, left his career after his extracurricular research led to paranormal experiences in his life. Mark has now dedicated his life to showing others how all life is interconnected and how life it intimately tied to the world of spirit.

Benford, Sue: Shroud of Turin Follow this link to a paper written by Sue

Billings, Kurt: "Mind Control A as heard on Art Bell's Coast to Coast Live will present information on chemical spraying and its connection to biochip implants. Kurt has gained insight and knowledge from 20 yrs. research into MKULTRA and gov't. mind control projects since 1979, worked with victims of various types of occult and mind-control programming; has provided edu. and consultation to mental health professionals counseling victims of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and gov't. mind control; provided aid to police investigations involving SRA. His latest video, Prisoners of Psychops, exposes motivation of gov't. behind chemtrail spraying and a documented view of the history of mind control, gov't. mind control projects such as MKULTRA, and the latest mind control technology such as the biochip and the use of ELF (extremely low frequency)."

Bird , Shabari – widow of the late Christopher Bird, whose years of field research resulted in "Secrets of the Soil", a sequel to the world famous "Secret Life of Plants", co-authored by Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins. Shabari will share some of the mysteries uncovered by Bird and Tompkins and some of the best solutions for recovering our precious planet’s soils. Along with her pursuits in spiritual matters, Shabari is currently completing research for a new book titled "Secret Life of Water".

Blalock, Jane: " During her 18 years on the LPGA Tour, amassed 29 official LPGA victories, 2 Colgate Triple Crown titles and 2 World Ladies Championship titles, still holds the LPGA record for playing 299 tournaments without missing a cut. President of The Jane Blalock Company, a premier sports management company, located in Boston, recognized as an innovative leader in the golf industry by developing programs like the LPGA Golf Clinics for Women. Jane has been at the forefront of the newly developed Women's Sernior Golf Tour. Author of "The Guts to Win", an autobiography, and more recently, "Gimmies, Bogeys and Business", an insider's guide to using golf as a business tool."

Blanchard, Jason: " Jason is granting us his first radio interview to tell us about the upcoming publication of his "Spiritual Science Series", Vol. 1. The first volume is titled "The Spiritual Science of Miracles". "

Block, Mary Ann, Dr.: "NO MORE RITALIN, Treating ADHD Without Drugs"

Blumenfeld, Samuel: "Traditions In Education Samuel L. Blumenfeld has spent the last 25 years writing about American education and seeking answers to such baffling questions as: Why is America experiencing a decline in literacy? Why are so many American children afflicted with learning disabilities? Why are the schools pushing sex ed, drug ed, and Ritalin, but are dead-set against intensive phonics and rote memorization of arithmetic facts? His six previous books on education answer these and many more questions puzzling the public. His best-selling expose of the national Educational Association, N.E.A. Trojan Horse in American Education, has virtually become a classic in critical educational literature. Peter Brimelow, in Fortune magazine, called Is Public Education Necessary? brilliant revisionist history, and How to Tutor and Alpha-Phonics are being used by thousands of parents and homeschoolers to teach their children the 3R's in the traditional manner."

Bossack, Dennis and Ann, - co-hosts of DNA LIVE, broadcast every Sunday, 6:00-10:00 pm (EST) on WBLQ 88.1 FM. Dennis recently semi-retired from an above-top-secret private organization which watchdogged government and corresponding subversive groups and is currently writing the first of three books about this agency and his experiences with the Visitors. Dennis’ wife, Ann, is the daughter of the late Richard Clayton Harris, Jr., Budget and Fiscal Officer at Roswell Army Air Field, 1947. Ann’s father died mysteriously after an interview with Kevin Randle aired on Strange Universe, in which he mentioned that it was, in fact, a space ship that had crashed near Roswell in 1947. and

Boylan, Richard, PhD: "ET Encounters Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, university lecturer, certified clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher. He provides hypnotherapy for health improvement, reduction of stress and pain, habit change, and for exploring past personal events and life. Dr. Boylan is a consultant to persons exploring extraterrestrial encounters and other anomalous experiences, and assists individuals seeking inner growth and spiritual development. His career has included 25 years in practice as a psychotherapist and clinical psychologist, and serving as a Lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, Chapman College, University of California, Davis, National University and Sierra College. Since 1989 Dr. Boylan has conducted research into extraterrestrial-human encounters. He has presented papers on his research at the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study Conference, and at the 1995 Cosmic Cultures International Conference at Washington, DC. He is author of three books."

Braden, Greg: Electromagnetic Changes In The Earth's Field Aerospace engineer and geologist

Bragg, Patricia, daughter of Dr. Paul C. Bragg, founder of the Health Food Movenment and originator of health food stores. Patricia is the author of twenty-three health books, is a lecturer, nutritionist, health and fitness educator. "Patricia Bragg knows more about healthy living than any one person I know." – Jack LaLanne "Thank you for my simple, easy to follow health program. Patricia you make my days healthy." – Clint Eastwood

Breitenbach, Sandra, LFIBA, IOM, DDG, A.G.E
See Vita and Book Review

Bryant, Tarby, finance executive, former Chairman and CEO of the National Automobile Association and President of the Atlanta Economic Development Corporation, also formerly CEO or Managing General Partner of luxury hotels, multiple civic leader positions in the Santa Fe area, President and CEO of Anasazi Capital Corporation and Founder of The Gathering of Angels.

Breeding, John, PhD: "The "Problem" Child Author of "The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses", psychologist in private practice in Austin, TX, counseling parents and children, lecturing and leading workshops for parents and educators on handling the challenge of a "problem child". Dr. Breeding has published several articles, has done several related radio shows, and has produced and distributed an audiotape on the subject."

Buchanan, Lyn: "Remote Viewing former member of the gov't.'s remote viewing program and the principal instructor for the last 7 years in the service. See his website. Lyn's company, Problems, Solutions, Innovations can be emailed at"

Bunick, Nick: "former successful businessman from Oregon, Nick Bunick was reluctant to reveal to the world the strange series of events which led him to believe he had lived an earlier lifetime as Saul, then Paul, the apostle. Nick's story brings to light the real message Jesus conveyed and tells more of the friendship that developed between the two men who knew each other for a number of years before the crucifixion."

Burrows, Russ: "MYSTERY CAVE OF MANY FACES Burrows describes himself as: Age 65 Retired but have gone back to work Bored Old Army Retired Commanding General Reactivated Illinois State Militia. Discovered Burrows Cave on April 2nd, 1982. Author of the book "MYSTERY CAVE OF MANY FACES." Burrows made many attempts to get professional help with the cave, however establishment archaeology doesn't want to hear about it as it doesn't fit what is considered the established history. Important questions most often asked are: Who, when and, why. What is the evidence from the cave to support claims of diffusion? What script is found there. Burials? Yes, 13 crypts. To order his book, email your request to:"

Campbell, Laurie: " Ms. Campbell is a Spiritual Medium, Director of Mediumship Research Committee, Human Energy Systems Laboratory, University of Arizona, Tucson. Laurie has been featured on HBO "Life Afterlife" with John Edward, George Anderson and Suzane Northrup, A"

Carlson, Dan: " Founder of Dan Carlson Scientific Enterprises, Inc. and creator of Sonic Bloom. Dan's inspiration and drive to create a product or technique that would improve the plight of those people in the world who go to bed hungry came from a personal experience around 1962 which changed his life. Dan's creation continues to astound the world of biotechnology. Here are some statistical results of the use of "Sonic Bloom": Vegetable and field crop yields increased by 20-100%, soybean plants producing up to 300 pods per plant (norm is 30-35), calla lillies over six feet tall, corn 16 ft. tall, orange production increase by 66%, 121% more vitamin C than normal, 500 tomatoes on a single vine. We could go on and on. If gardening, crop production, and concern for feeding the hungry is of interest to you, you must listen to Dan's story."

Cassel, Ingri, President of the Idaho chapter of Vaccination Liberation. Now that vaccinations are on everyone’s mind, Ingri will tell us what we all need to know ahead of time about vaccinations. and

Christner, David: " Discussing newest technologies, homeopathically based, which his organization is using to bring about amazing improvements in disease and injury. World Health Advanced Technologies, Ltd., HANSI AT Information Office, 1941 Northgate Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34234, and 941-358-8500."

Clark, Dennis: "Investigation and exposure of psychiatric violations of human rights. Chairman, Citizens Commission on Human Rights"

Clear, Constance: "Psychotherapist, radio host, author of Reaching for Reality, Seven Incredible True Stories of Alien Abduction. One or more of her case histories will join Constance for discussion and revelations about some of the most compelling experiences ever to have surfaced into the public eye."

Conklin, William, legal research and strategist, author of "Why No One Is Required to File Tax Returns—and what you can do about it". Mr. Conklin has six published federal appeals court wins as a pre se litigant.

Copelan, Russ, Dr.: "Teen Violence Dr. Copelan is a psychiatrist, whose research focus is the origins and prevention of teen violence. Russ published a paper two weeks prior to the Columbine tragedy after 15+years' studies and research, projecting that such behavior was likely in teens coming from particular situations where parenting is lax, etc. Guest in conjunction was 18 year old Susan Yara from Pecos, NM, who described the motivation behind her many accomplishments at such a young age."

Cremo, Michael, co-author and researcher with Richard Thompson, of "Forbidden Archaelogy: The Hidden History of the Human Race". Mr. Cremo will bring to the surface the truth of how much of our history has been hidden in back rooms, ignored, discredited and forbidden throughout the years. This amazing information will undoubtedly change your mind about what you thought you knew! and

Crissey, Brian, Ph.D., representing The Granite Publishing Group, joins us to expound on the ramifications of what appears to be the beginning of ACTUAL communication with off-planet intelligence in the form of a crop formation (re:crop circles) which responds to a signal sent by us (earthlings) in 1974. and

Davis, Vance, of the "Gulf Breeze Six", visits with Alex tonight to delve into his experiences, and those of his companion soldiers, which came about as a result of the strange and powerful messages which came to them via a Ouija board. The messages were compelling enough to cause the group to go AWOL. But that’s just the beginning of a story you won’t want to miss. Tonight will be the first of two segments. Vance Davis has put the story into bookform. More information at

Day, Lorraine, Dr.: "internationally acclaimed orthopedic surgeon, lecturer and author. After having been diagnosed with severe advanced cancer, Dr. Day developed natural, inexpensive therapies designed by God and available to everyone, healing herself. She offers her wisdom through her best selling book, "AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You", and her videos, listed on her website"

Deligter, Harry: Personal Development Lightworks Audio

Dennis, Caryl: "The Millennium Children Author of The Millennium Children, stories of gifted children who seem to be the bearers of ancient knowledge and talents "beyond the ordinary."

Dewey, D.L., researcher, journalist, writer for over 200 newspapers nationwide, has done extensive research on hydrogenated oils and aspartame and has recently published a comprehensive history of aspartame, detailing how its approval circumvented conventional channels of approval by the FDA and revealing its sometimes lethal effects. and

Djurdjevic, Bob, founder and editor of the Truth in Media, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about global geopolitical affairs and the establishment media and government distortions of the truth in foreign and domestic issues.

Dodson, James, best selling author of "Final Rounds" and his newest release, :The Dewsweepers: Seasons of Golf and Friendship". Dodson is a four-time winner of the prestigious Golf Writers of America Award for his column in Golf Magazine, the recipient of the 1998 Golf Reporter of the Year and shoed the golf world the true Arnold Palmer in his New York Times bestseller, "A Golfer’s Life".

Dougherty, Jon: "WorldNetDaily Reporter and Columnist, Jon Dougherty started his journalism career in the broadcast field, starting in 1996 as the associate producer of the "Derry Brownfield Show," a nationally syndicated talk show serving 85 markets in 21 states. In addition to co-hosting the daily "Daybreak America," the former Navy and Marine corpsman hosted his his own talk programs on the Radio America Network and the Talk America Radio network. That was then. Today Jon is one of the most prolific and popular reporters and columnists on the WorldNetDaily team. A husband and father of five school-age children, Dougherty served as a flight medic in the Missouri Army Guard and spent several years in and around Jefferson City, Mo., as a paramedic. Dougherty has been a freelance writer since 1984 during which time he has contributed more than 150 articles to emergency medical service trade magazines and is a published poet."

Dougherty, Ned, author of "Fast Lane to Heaven: Celestial Encounters that Changed My Life". Triggered by a past-life experience, Ned has since then led a life of ongoing communication from an "enigmatic Lady of Light". His is a story of one man’s personal crisis and eventual salvation upon understanding the identity of the Lady of Light and her urgent message to the world. Mr. Dougherty can be contacted through his publisher at

Dow, JaneAnn: "author of "The Crystal Journey. JaneAnn has a degree in Thanatology, the philosophy of death and dying and has been counseling people in how to deal with transition for a number of years."

Eakman, Beverly (B.K.): "The Cloning Of The American Mind "The Cloning of the American Mind, Eradicating Morality Through Education", author of "David, the Bubble Baby", a technical piece turned into a movie starring John Travolta. Veteran of 600+ nationwide radio/TV talk shows and 150 speaking engagements since 1991, with numerous published articles on education issues in national magazines, 1994-1999."

Eaton, Randall, Dr.: "Orca The Orca whale is the only large predator that doesn't make war, does not attack humans, even in self-defense, tame to humans at capture, most stable society known, matriarchal society, and communicates through sound holograms. Award winning author and film producer. Video: ORCA: The Sacred Whale Video, Book: "The Orca Project: A Meeting of Nations". Visit his website."

Fallon, Sally, journalist, chef, nutrition researcher and community activist. Sally is author of "Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.

Figueroa, David: "Human Rights Spokesman for Clearwater, FL chapter of Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Executive Director of Clearwater chapter 1986-89, overseer of investigations into psychiatric hospitals and the documentation of hundreds of cases of psychiatric abuse. Host of weekly cable television show, "THE FIRST ALTERNATIVE"."

Flynn, Ted: One world government as related to biblical prophecy

Freer, Neil: "Researcher, writer, lecturer and creator of philosophical "models" living in Santa Fe, NM. He holds a BA in English and did his graduate work in Philosophy and Psychology at the New School for Social Research. He has taught college courses in Philosophy and History of Religion, gives private and public seminars and lectures and has done over one hundred thirty radio and TV interviews. Neil is author of the book Breaking the Godspell which explores the startling ramifications of the archaeological, genetic and astronomical proofs for our being a genetically engineered species and presents the consequences of this new paradigm of human nature that resolves and subsumes the Creationist-Evolutionary conflict. He has recently finished a second book, God Games, in which he explores the ways in which we will live beyond religion when, individually and racially, we attain the unassailable integrity afforded by the restoration of our true genetic history. He outlines the racial maturity of a new planetary"

Fuller, DicQie, PhD: "You Are as Old as Your Enzymes 25+ years research, study, etc., resulting in leading company called Transformation, Inc. and 1998 book "The Healing Power of Enzymes". Homnored by Who's Who in Women Executives, Who's Who in American Women and Woman of the Year 1990."

Geist, Bill: "regular contributing commentator/humorist on CBS Sunday Morning and commentator for the CBS Evening News, former feature writer on the New York Times staff and author of "FORE! PLAY: The Last American Male Takes Up Golf"."

Gerber, Dr. Richard, trained in traditional medical sciences, became interested in metaphysical aspects of alternative healthcare. His books, "Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century: The Complete Guide to Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation" and "Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies", explore and explain ancient and current methodologies. Dr. Gerber can be reached through his publisher,

Gilliland, Jim: " Self-Mastery Earth Institute, on or near whose sanctuary ranch many paranormal events have occurred, most recently the landing of a UFO on Mt. Adams"

Gordon, Garry, Dr.: "EDTA World-renowned expert on chelation therapy, nutrition, mineral metabolism, alternative and preventive therapies, has exhaustively researched the more than 7,000 books and articles on EDTA written in the past 50 years. Dr. Gordon developed the original protocol for safe and effective use of EDTA, has published numerous scientific papers on the topic and is co-author of the best-selling book, The Chelation Answer."

Gottlieb, Allan: "founder and President of the Second Amendment Foundation and supports the mission of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms or CCRKBA. To learn more about the Second Amendment, visit or or call 425-454-7012 or call 800-426-4302 for membership information."

Grabhorn, Lynn: "Lyn is the author of Excuse Me, Your LIFE is Waiting. Lynn is a long-time student of the way in which thought and feelings format our lives. Raised in Short Hills, NJ, she began her working life in the advertising field in NYC, founded and ran an audio-visual educational publishing company in Los Angeles and currently owns and runs a mortgage brokerage in Washington state. Her first book, Beyond the Twelve Steps, along with her sweeping multimedia program, Life Course 101, have received high acclaim for all corners of the world. She lives near Olympia, where she continues to write, give seminars, and "mow my five acres". Ms. Grabhorn can be reached through her publisher, Hampton Roads at"

Grant, Dr. R.Jeffrey - "Surveillance Society Dr. Jeffrey is the author of Surveillance Society, The Rise of the AntiChrist, The Signature of God: Astonishing Biblical Discoveries, and several other books. To order books: 800-711-1976"

Greek, Ray, M.D. and Jean Swingle Greek, D.V.M., authors of "Sacred Cows and Golden Geese", a result of Ray’s decade of study and research on comparative anatomy and physiology, combined with Jeans expertise in animal anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Ray serves as President of Americans for Medical Advancement, a non-profit organization co-founded with Jean that is dedicated to educating the public about the hazards of applying the results of animal testing to humans.

Griffith, Joan: "aka "Cosa Nostra Damus", prognosticator/poet who made a spectacular introduction to Michael Mandeville's (and ours) audiences by predicting the Seattle earthquake in Nostradumus-like quatrains."

Harkin, Don: "editors of a regional newspaper which specializes in bringing news to the public which is often ignored or dismissed by the mainstream media. Current thrust, dangerous vaccines and immunizations."

Hammond, Peter, Christian missionary who has lived in Africa for many years, comes on the air to tell of his experiences in an extremely dangerous environment, where many missionaries have been murdered in a continuing campaign against them.

Hansen, Terry, an independent journalist with an interest in scientific controversies and the politics of mass media, has conducted an investigation, "The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up", into whether some of Americas most influential news organizations have willingly suppressed full and accurate news coverage of the UFO phenomenon for a variety of national security reasons. and

Harris, Obadiah, Dr.: "The New Consciousness President, Philosophical Research Society, founded in 1934 by Manly P. Hall. Dr. Harris rec'd Ph.D. in Ed from Univ. of Mich Community education incl. svc. as Assoc. Prof. Dir. of Regional Ctr. for Community Edu. at ASU. Published works are (books) The New Consciousness, Self-Knowledge and Social Action, and Unitive Spirituality."

Harkins, Don, editor of The Idaho Observer, dedicated to bringing to the public those issues which are obscured from mainstream media coverage.

Hartmann, Thom: " Author, The Greatest Spiritual Secret of the Century"

Hatcher Chidress, David: " Adventures Unlimited. The explorer upon whom some feel "Indiana Jones" is based."

Hawker, Gloria Ann, author of "Morning Glory: Diary of an Alien Abductee", one of the most complex accounts of alien abductions ever documented. Gloria has revealed painful details of many years of experiences which include apparent abductions by military and government officials. In her practice as a State Certified Hypnotherapist, she has devoted herself to helping others through similar experiences and their aftermath. She can be reached via .

Henry, William: "Origin Of Names Author and lecturer from Nashville, TN. Works include Junior Cosmic Egg and THE PEACEMAKER and the Key of Life. William will talk about his newest book tonight, explaining how origins and meanings of names have particular relevance to behaviors and characteristics, in this case, names of presidential candidates. Mr. Henry was the keynote speaker at the First Annual UFO Congress held in Laughlin, Nevada and was featured on the Art Bell Show and Jeff Rense's Sightings on Radio."

Hervey, Anthony: "President and Founder of the Black Confederate Soldier Foundation and Arthur Baker, head of the Mississippi Society of Cogers, speaking on the TRUE history of the south, the Civil War and the ramifications as they affect our society today."

Hoag, Philip: "author of No Such Thing As Doomsday: How to Prepare for Power Outages, Earth Changes, Wars and Other Threats, featured speaker at Preparedness shows, consultant in the area of shelter and systems design. Designer, organizer and constructor of disaster shelter projects, with experience in the area of shelter life support systems, including power generation and air filtration. and and"

Hogue, John: "author of "The Millennium Book of Prophecy" and "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies", frequently seen on NBC's popular "Ancient Prophecies". John is considered to be a leading authority on Nostradamus and other prophets and prophetic traditions."

Holmes , Jean – attorney, author, animal lover. Jean Holmes’ book, "Do Dogs Go to Heaven?: Eternal Answers for Animal Lovers", offers compelling evidence from Hebrew and Christian scriptures that animals have souls and spirits, that animals play a universal role as healers, heroes, comfort-givers and supportive companions and that there is heartwarming news for those who suffer from grief due to loss of a pet.

Houston, Jean: "Ms. Houston is awell known author and teacher of human development. Books, of which there are 17, include Jump Time, her most recent. Founder of The Mystery Schools (contemporary)."

Howe , Linda Moulton – Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter and author. Although Linda’s credits and awards are too numerous to mention here, we can tell you that she maintains a glowing reputation as being a highly professional researcher always at the forefront of breaking news in science , medicine, environment and unusual phenomena. Linda’s fourth book, "Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles" will be tonight’s topic.

Irvine, Reed: "Flight 800 Chairman and founder of Accuracy in Media. Went to the L'enfant Plaza yesterday morning to distribute a full page advertisement that had run for several days in The Washington Times. Defending his right to free speech and determined to make it known that there are many, many witnesses to missile/s taking TWA Flight 800 out of the sky, he refused to leave when told to do so by a security guard in the privately-owned, government-leased building. Two guards eventually carried Mr. Irvine out to the sidewalk after he had sat down on the floor of the building lobby. See for the shocking details and "the rest of the story"."

Iserbyt, Charlotte: "The Dumbing Down Of America Author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. A Chronological Paper Trail. Charlotte Iserbyt is the consummate whistleblower! Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America's classrooms. Iserbyt is a former school board director in Camden, Maine and was co-founder and research analyst of Guardians of Education for Maine (GEM) from 1978 to 2000."

Jackson, John and Rebecca: "Shroud of Turin John and Rebecca Jackson are experts on the Shroud of Turin and facilitate the Turin Shroud Center in Colorado Springs, CO."

James, Sherry: Astrologer: Chart Interpretation

Janda, David H., M. D., Orthopedic surgeon, author of "The Awakening of Surgeon: One Doctor’s Journey to Fight the System & Empower Your Community", championing the cause of using prudence when engaging your children in sports. Dr. Janda says that sports related injuries have become a public health epidemic and that the majority of those injuries are preventable.

Johnson, J. Bond: " Mr. Johnson is the "Roswell Photographer", who went to (now) Carswell AFB to photograph the crash debris, Maj. Jesse Marcel, along with Brigadier Gen. Ramey and Col. DuBose. Although the pictures have long been thought to have been of "substituted" debris, rather than the "actual" debris, upon closer study by group called the Roswell Photo Interpretation Team (RPIT), it appears at least some of the debris may be from the original crash site, after all."

Johnson, Robin and Cody: "Beyond Religion Founders of the Prophets Conferences. "Many and possibly most of the ancient teachings handed down to us from all parts of our planet have called for a time when a fundamental all-encompassing change would envelope us. Some placed this forecast in stone and specified this current time of our being as the time for this opening into an inexplicably unifying cycle. As our kind breaks free of the stultifying bonds of cultures, no longer found suitable for our evolution, we find solace, renewal and understanding of our place by looking outward through our sciences and inward through our spirits. Our spirits find newness in the ancient and our minds find insight in the rational. Taking this freshness to our hearts, we create individually and in concert, and we place a new cycle of realization in motion. The techniques we request present themselves and we call to others to join in the magnificent adventure, and to use what we have"

Kidd, Devvy: "Just Who or What is This IRS? Founder and Director of Project on Winning Economic Reform, with documented case in hand, guest on over 1300 radio, tv stations and personal appearances. Author of "Why a Bankrupt America" and "Blind Loyalty". Takes no compensation for her work and no personal royalties for books."

Klein, Diane: "Psychological Programs In Schools Author of In the Name of Help "Diane Klein grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and she attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern University on a four year Illinois State Scholarship. She majored in English and held high school teaching certificates in Illinois and Florida. Diane saw the advent of psychological programs in our schools, and the departure from teaching basics such as reading, writing, arithmetic and social studies, as confusing and ineffective. Despite a love of working with young teenagers, this troubled her, and in 1976, she stopped teaching and moved to Florida for three years. Diane feels strongly that there are things in our society that are wrong, incorrect and even evil. But, these cannot be changed until we first become aware of them. Once we recognize that they are there, and we become willing to take some responsibility for their existence, then we can become powerful once again, and we can right the wrongs."

Krapf, Philip, author of "Contact Has Begun" and more recently, "The Challenge of Contact". Mr. Krapf worked for 25 years as an editor on the Metro copy desk at the Los Angeles Times. He shared a Pulitzer Prize during that time and retired in 1993 with more than 30 years experience in the newspaper business. His second book continues his reporting on the latest "contacts with the Verdants and provides an update as of March 2000 on their unfolding plans for imminent contact with the peoples of Earth". The Verdants have also relayed a message with reference to September 11 and how that affects their plans for contact. and

Krieg , Dr. Adrian H. – author of "Our Political Systems", "4th July 2016 The Last Independence Day" and his latest, "The Satori and the New Mandarins". An immigrant to America from Switzerland in 1952, Dr. Krieg served in the U.S. Army with top secret clearance, holds a degree as a Certified Manufacturing Engineer and holds 25 U.S. Manufacturing Patents. Dr. Krieg’s latest book is about current American and world history, detailing a conspiracy in our government.

Kunkel, Dan: "Originator of biosonic health analysis, 800-734-3588"

Lapseritis, Jack (Kewaunee): "Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbologist with a background in anthropology, psychology, conservation and holistic health. World authority on Bigfoot/Sasquatch penomenon, having researched the subject for the last 40 years, and is, coincidentally, a Bigfoot and ET "contactee". Was in the Himalayas in 1968 studying the yeti, or abominable snowman. In 1973, conducted an ethnographic study in conjunciton with Colombian Institute of Anthropology in Bogota, living amongst the Tukuna Indians of Upper Amazonia. Then in 1979, was contacted telepathically by a Sasquatch and ET simultaneously, changing his life and embuing him with psychic ability overnight. Kewaunee has guested on over 100 radio and television shows, been featured in 3 books and such publications such as Australia's People and Post magazines, OMNI magazine, Magical Blend, Cryptozoology Journal, Wildfire, Fate, Argosy, and UFO magazine. Participated as a panelist in a 2-hour documentary on Bigfoot on national television."

Leir, Roger, Dr.: "the first medical doctor to successfully remove an "alien" implant from a patient, followed by other successful removals."

Leir, Roger, Dr.: "first medical doctor to successfully remove an "alien" implant from a patient, followed by other successful removals."

Limbaugh, David: "brother of nationally syndicated talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, is the author of "Absolute Power", an expose on the corruption of the Clinton-Reno Justice Department."

Lindsey, Hal: "one of the leading authorities in the world on Bible Prophecy and was acclaimed by the New York Times as the best-selling non-fiction author in the world for the decade of the 1970's. In 1969, Hal wrote his first book, "The Late Great Planet Earth", which was published in 54 languages. Mr. Lindsey has now written 20 bestsellers, has appeared on many national TV shows such as The Today Show, CNN, Larry King, Merv Griffin, The Gary Rose Show, The Late Night Show, ABC News and NBC News, to name a few."

Lyman, Howard: " The "Mad Cowboy" the plain truth from the cattle rancher who won't eat meat"

Lyne, William: "Author of "Pentagon Aliens", formerly "Space Aliens from the Pentagon", born in West TX, rasied in oil boom towns. Had Top Secret clearance in Air Force Intelligence. In 1975, rejected offer of high pay and prestigious executive position offered by G. Bush because he believes the National Security Act of 1947 is an illegal betrayal of American sovereignty and liberty and that the UFO, man's greatest invention, should be enjoyed by all. Began research leading to this book over 50 years ago. Book contains info nevr before published, such as photos of a celestial guidance system from a WWII vintage Nazi "Kreisel Teller" (Gyrating Saucer)."

MacDonald, Glenn:

Majhor, John: " John's most recent assignment was as station manager for 5 stations in Santa Fe, where he also hosted a morning show. Be certain to visit his personal websight for a more detailed bio."

Mandeville, Michael: ",  Mr. Mandeville is the author of Phoenix Rising, a summary of earth changes based on Cayce's readings and scientific research which supports them."

Le Marque, Tina, artist and author of "Coyote Woman: A Continuing Journal of My Life As An Artist", the second volume in a series of four, the latter being another intimate look at the inner workings of the life of an artist and free spirit. Tina has developed a highly successful career with her Expressionistic artwork and emphasizes how art expression can be extremely therapeutic in work with children with special needs.

Marrs, Jim: "award winning Texas author/journalist, whose latest book is "Psi Spies", an in-depth look at remote viewing. Jim Marrs has also authored Rule By SECRECY, Alien Agenda and the NY Times bestseller Crossfire. Crossfire is referred to as the "big daddy" of books about the JFK assassination conspiracy."

Martin, Howard: " Mr. Martin is the executive vice president and chief creative officer of HeartMath, LLC, and co-author with Doc Childre and Donna Beech, of "The HeartMath Solution", a book presenting a scientically proven program which can immediately lower stress hormones, raise anti-aging DHEA hormone levels, improve your heart rate for maximum longevity, maintain emotional clarity in the midst of chaos and achieve peak mental and intuitive performance."

Martini, Betty:  representing Mission-Possible-USA, the organization founded by Betty to educate America about the dangers of aspartame and other dangerous chemicals on the market. Betty's interview tonight opens the Aspartame Awareness Weekend, September 8 & 9. and Visit for a comprehensive history of how aspartame came to be on our tables and grocery store shelves.

May, Wayne, Editor, "The Ancient American: Archaeology of the Americas Before Columbus", researcher and author of numerous articles. Featured article tonight is from the current issue (#26) of Ancient American, titled "Christ in America?"

McEwen, Barry: " Reporting on his own research and that of Michael Lawrence Morton, into the Ancient Egyptian Treasure in the Grand Canyon. This is better that "Indiana Jones" stories, because it's true!!"

McFadden, Steven: "author of "Legend of the Rainbow Warriors, A journalistic account of the core myths of America". This extraordinary book fulfills the enduring human need to be inspired to a higher and better life, offering a deeply spiritual alternative of hope and possibility based upon personal freedom and responsibility. Steven is a journalist, a teacher and a healer, also author of "Profiles in Wisdom", "Farms of Tomorrow Revisited" and five other non-fiction titles."

Meyer, Fred, Maj.: "Flight 800 Born and raised on Long Island, commissioned in 1962 as a naval officer, served on a destroyer out of FL., went to Navy flight school to become pilot in 1964. Sent from there to HC1, a combat SAR (Search and Rescue) squadron, based in San Diego. After that SE Asia, two years in combat in Viet Nam flying helicopters over North Viet Nam, naturally viewing heavy flak and many, many missiles. Claims his experience qualifies him to say that what caused Flt. 800 to go down was military ordnance. He was in the air that night and comes forward to refute the report we are hearing on today's news. or , Distinguished Service Cross and 6 Air Medals, 46 rescue missions, 9 in Viet Nam, served in Air Nat'l. Guard rescue 1980-97, was in service flying military helicopter at the time of the incident."

Millman, Dan, author of numerous books, his first, "Way of the Peaceful Warrior", being perhaps the one for which he is most widely known. Others include "Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior", "The Life You Were Born to Live", "Everyday Enlightenment" and most recently, "Divine Interventions: True Stories of Mystery and Miracles That Change Lives", co-authored with Doug Childers.

Mishlove, Jeff: "Author of The PK Man , the story of Ted Owens."

Mullins, Eustace: "Secrets of the Federal Reserve Noted author, Council Member on Committee to Restore the Constitution"

Myers, Estelle: "The Human/Dolphin Connection Ms. Myers is an international speaker, catalyst, visionary, communicator, trainer, film producer, and leading edge researcher. Known internationally as "The Dolphin Lady", Estelle took eight years to produce the film called Oceania, The Promise of Tomorrow, The Human/Dolphin Connection, based on her exploration of the consciousness of dolphins and whales and their interaction with humans. The film was the winner of a United Nations Association's Media Peace Prize. Her research has led her to become intensely involved in water-birthing, believing that the phenomenon is giving rise to a new generation of homo-delphinus (human dolphins) water babies who hold the key to the evolution of consciousness on planet earth."

New, Daniel: " Daniel is the father of Michael New, the courtmartialed serviceman who refused to wear the UN hat. Daniel acts as spokesman for his son and is recognized as an authority on the the circumstances which put the sovereignty of the United States at risk."

Nichols, Larry: "Larry is author of "The Genie is Out of the Bottle", a book analyzing the systematic manner in which Bill Clinton has established control of the media, big business, and government underlings."

Nichols, Sandy, author of "Different Child", has a most interesting story to tell and an impressive list of credentials behind it. To wit, Alien Abductee, Founder and President of Alien Research Group, Coordinator for the "Tenn Files" section of Memphis, TN based "Night Search" organization, www.NightSearch.Net, former co-host and update host for the Night Search radio program, contributing writer for the related magazine and much, much more.

Nobles, Aileen, psychic hypnotherapist for 28 years, workshop leader, host for 5 years of her own radio show, currently hosts her own cable television show, "Light Transformation". Aileen is author of "Get Off the Karmic Wheel" and most recently, "Divine Abundance: Keys to Unlock Your Inner Wisdom".

Null, Gary, Dr.: Mental Health Hype

O'Brien, Chris: "UFOs Author of The Mysterious Valley and Enter the Valley. UFO investigator, film producer."

O’Donnell, Michele Longo  – health care provider, minister and counselor. Michele is author of "Of Monkeys and Dragons: Freedom from the Tyranny of Disease", based on twenty-five years of devotion to ending suffering of disease through spiritual and metabolic healing. She currently is director and founder of the Holistic Health Care Center in San Antonio. and

Parker, Carl: "Nutritional Sounds, and also, the program which works in conjunction with his Nutritional Sounds DataBase, available on CD for professionals, but is structured so that it may be used by the layperson in homes, schools, offices, and libraries. The database provides a visible interpretation of the relationship between sounds and health via nutritional evaluation. This amazing program not only can detect deficiencies in the human body, but can also identify stress, love, anger, etc. Besides the nutritional data, there is a wealth of information on Chinese meridians, foods, health drinks, pH balance (acid-alkaline), and all their associations to disease. Also found is information on teeth and their association to glands and meridians."

Parks, Marty: USGA

Partin, Benton: "expert on explosives, former weapons designer, will discuss details and facts of OKC bombing and the downing of TWA 800 that are not revealed in mainstream media."

Pearson, Don: Information Technology In The Public Sector Over 25 years' experience as business owner

Peper, George: "Playing Partners Sr. V.P. and Editor-in-Chief of Golf Mag. Properties, a publ. network including GOLF Mag., Senior Golfer, Golf Mag. TV, and Peper is author or co-author of 14 books, six selected as Book of the Month, including Best-selling "Golf Courses of the PGA Tour" and "Cinderella Story", in collaboration with Bill Murray. His script for "The Story of Golf", a 2 hour documentary for PBS in 1999, won an Emmy nomination. Current projects include a script for an upcoming CBS-TV special: "Jack Nicklaus: A Final March Through the Majors" and a book for Time-Warner entitled "Playing Partners", on his golf experiences with his youngest son, Jack."

Perrin, Stuart: "author of "A Deeper Surrender". Stuart is an American-born spiritual teacher who has been guiding small groups of students around the world in meditation practice for nearly thirty years. Stuart was a close student of the late teacher, Swami Rudrananda, more commonly known as Rudi."

Peters, Joan: "Ms. Peters is the author of "From Time Immemorial, The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine". She has traveled extensively in the Middle East, constructing pioneering archival research which has resulted in a book that has had a major impact on policy discussions of one of the most vital and intractable of the world's problems."

Phelps, Eric Jon, author of "Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends". Phelps has done a detailed historical account of the history of the Jesuit Order, including their involvement behind the scenes by manipulating the world through the Pope’s association with the Jesuit’s General, the "Black" Pope.

Phillips, Howard: "Founder of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (USTP) in 1992 "to offer leadership committed to restoring the Federal Republic to its delegated, enumerated functions and returning American jurisprudence to its original [common law] Biblical foundations". Nominated in 1992 and 1996 to be the USTP candidate for President of the U.S. Formerly a member of the Republican Party until 1974. Served over two decades as precinct worker, election warden, campaign manager, and then resigned when Nixon reneged on his commitment to veto further funding for "Great Society" Programs."

Pinney, Terry, therapist working with dolphins and children and exploring the aspects of this unusual healing practice.

Popavich, Bob: "longtime friend of Terry Nichols, accused accomplice of Terry McVeigh, will talk about his personal knowledge of Terry McVeigh's involvement and others who took part."

Ralston , Richard – Director of Development for the Ayn Rand Institute, specializing in aspects of Ayn Rand’s life, Objectivism, Projects of the Institute, Volunteerism, Foreign Policy, Journalism and Media. Mr. Ralston received an M.A. in International Relations from USC in 1977, later was involved with newspaper publishing, direct marketing, radio production, television news business manager and as a direct marketing consultant, had clients which included IBM, British Airways, CNN and the Los Angeles Times. Mr. Ralston is author of "Communism: Its Rise and Fall in the 20th Century".

Redfield, Dana: "Encounters With Alien Intelligence Author of Summoned , Encounters with alien intelligence, her first published work of non-fiction. Dana was born in California, raised in Utah, Wyoming, Texas, and Oklahoma. Attended Northeastern State College in OK and Brigham Young University in Utah. She now lives and writes in southeastern Utah, is currently working on a modern-day Jonah tale, also to be published by Hampton Roads. Two earlier novels: Ezekial's Chariot and Lucy Blue and the Daughters of Light. In the words of Linda Moulton Howe, who wrote the forward to Summoned, "Dana feels that non-humans literally aroused her from normal human day-to-day routine and summoned her to write down their telepathic communications. She is not alone. Dozens of other people in what has come to be known as the 'human abduction syndrome' have also been provoked to write what each perceives to be'downloads of alien telepathic thought'." She now discusses the experiences and messages which led her to write "The ET-Human Link: We are the Message", her most recent book."

Reed, Troy: Inventor

Riley vonKleist, Joyce, R.N.: "BSN Spokesperson, American Gulf War Veterans Association Ms. Riley is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her nursing career includes clinical positions of Staff Nurse, Patient Care Systems Analyst, Utilization Review, Nursing Instructor and Director of Nursing of an acute care hospital, long term care facility and home care agency. Her areas of nursing specialty are nursing administration, medical-surgical nursing and organ transplantation. She has presented at the National Institutes of Health, medical legal conferences such as the American Trail Lawyers Association, was host of her own radio talk show "NurseTalk Radio-The Truth in Health Care", and has guested on over 1500 radio and television shows, including Art Bell, Chuck Harder and Michael Reagan."

Rock Kennedy, Jane: "Processing The Paranormal Ms. Rock Kennedy is an independent scholar, and former Officer and Board Of Directors member of the Institute For UFO Contactee Studies (IFUFOCS). The Institute For UFO Contactee Studies hosted the first international conference for UFO experiencers, and continued hosting the conference annualy for 17 years. During her years with IFUFOCS, Jane had the opportunity to meet and assist hundreds UFO experiencers and researchers, and has appeared in two documentaries on the Contactee/Abductee experience, and is acknowledged in the book Angels and Aliens by Keith Thompson. She holds her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology and currently is President of Consulting Services, Inc."

Roger, John, and John Morton: John Roger, teacher, lecturer, founder of the nondenominational Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, President of the Institute for Individual and World Peace, President of Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy, Chancellor of the University of Santa Monica and co-author of two books on the New York Times Best-Seller list. John Morton, Spiritual Director of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, co-founder with his wife, Laura Donnelley-Morton, of the Good Works Foundation, author of "The Blessings Already Are", known for his ability to inspire others, creator of many enlightening audio and video tapes.

Ross, Gaylon: "Secret Societies Mr. Ross is a researcher and the compiler of "Who's Who of the Elite, Members of the: Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations at M University. After graduation, accepted a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant (later promoted to 1st Lt.) in the Army Security Agency (ASA),a branch of the National Security Agency (NSA), which is a big brother to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Military training was in the field of cryptoanalysis (the breaking of codes), and served as a Company Commander with an Intelligence Unit on the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in the Chorwan valley of South Korea, from 1956 to 1957 (after the fighting had ceased). Upon leaving active duty, began professional career in the petroleum industry. Served as an Industrial Engineer for ten years until being promoted into management, and was a manufacturing Plant Manager for over ten years."

Roy, Rob: "Compound X Founder of Two Feathers, Inc., formerly Spirit Technologies, distributor of Compound X, a natural herbal compound which aids and restores good health."

Ruppert, Mike: " returns to discuss the story of the intriguingly dangerous software called PROMIS, said to have the ability to think, understand every language in the world, provide access into everyone's computers, insert data into computers without people's knowledge and predict human behavior. This final chapter of this intricately tangled web of death and deceit apparently remains unwritten. Michael C. Ruppert, is a former LAPD narcotics investigator and eyewitness who has been working on one case for 21 years. Covert operations are driven by economics (money) not politics (spin). Subscribers to his newsletter, From The Wilderness, have seen the proof that Congress, the Cabinet, the major media and even the White House have come here for a reality check when they can't separate themselves from their own spin."

Said, Boris: "Pyramid Investigations Boris is one of the chief investigators in the search for what is believed to be the secret tunnel leading from the Sphinx to the Great Pyramid and where the records of the history of mankind may be stored, according to Edgar Cayce. At one time, Boris raced cars for Ferrari and was a four-time Olympian athlete in the 2 and 4 man bobsled competition. Has produced a video chronicling his investigations into the Great Pyramid."

Salz, Jeff, PhD: " Dr. Salz is currently President of Salz andAssociates. Jeff Salz' biography is extensive, but the highlights include his accomplishments as a world class explorer and lecturer, author of "The Way of Adventure: Transforming Your Life and Work with Spirit and Vision", soon to be released "Jesus in the Himalayas" and numerous articles about integrating the spirit of adventure into life, among other things of a poignant nature."

Sanchez, Albert, Dr.: Cancer Cures

Sauder, Richard, Dr.: "Author of "Kundalini Tales", student of life and consciousness, holds a B.A. in Sociology, an M.A. in Latin American Studies, an M.S. in Forestry and a Ph.D. in Political Science. Whitley Strieber says, "Kundalini Tales is a profound and fascinating journey into the deep of the mind, soul and the hidden realities that have formed our world. Richard Sauder has a way of getting under the skin, of adventuring into places that most of us hardly notice and would never dare go. Thus this is a compelling journey, must reading for anyone who wants to explore the secrets behind and beneath human life and the human world." email:"

Scherer, Roger: "Spiritual Entrepeneur Spiritual entrepreneur, founder of new university for highest level of education, experiencer of UFO and ET contact."

Schwartz, Gary: "Schwartz is a Prof. of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry, Dir. of Human Energy Systems Laboratory, and Director of the Bioenergy Core of the Pediatric Alternative Medicine Center, at the University of Arizona"

Singer, Bernard, Dr.: Life Beyond Earth

Sitchin, Zecharia: "The Cosmic Code Sitchin is one of a small number of orientalists who can read the Sumerian clay tablets, born in Russia, raised in Palestine, acquired profound knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew, Semitic and European languages, Old Testament, history and archaeology of Near East. After career as journalist, began writing "Earth Chronicles", a series of six books combining advances in modern science with textual and pictorial evidence to form fact-based story of our planet in the past 450,000 years. Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Oriental Society, the Middle East Studies Association of North America and The Israel Exploration Society. His books (all have been translated into 14 languages) include: The 12th Planet (1976), The Stairway to Heaven (1980), The Wars of Gods and Men (1985), The Lost Realms (1990), Genesis Revisited (1990), When Time Began (1993), Divine Encounters (1996) and The Cosmic Code (1998)."

Skolnick, Sherman: " Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court reformer. In 1963 he founded the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, a public interest group which he now chairs. Since 1971, his comments have been heard on a recorded phone message he calls HOTLINE NEWS; since 1995 he has been producer/moderator of "BROADSIDES", a one-hour weekly taped show on IN CHICAGO, each Monday evening on Channel 21 cable. In 1973, he authored a book, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage", in which he documented, among other things, the December 1972 plane crash in which 12 Watergate figures were killed, including Mrs. E. Howard Hunt. Skolnick's group spearheaded the movement to expose a cover-up of sabotage. Skolnick's Committee touched off the biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history in 1969, when due to the investigative work it had done, the Illinois Supreme Court collapsed amid multiple convictions of bribery. This investigative effort eventually res"

Smith, Christine, writer, environmental and social justice activist and founder/President of the nationwide nonprofit Dreams of Freedom, Inc., has written a tribute to John Denver, exploring the underlying basis of a man who transformed his own passion for a healthy and peaceful planet into a call for all of us to do what we can to make this a better world for all. Christine’s book, "A Mountain in the Wind" is a testament to the selfless and unpublicized private life of John Denver as well as a testament to the depth of esoteric understanding she has of the meaning of his life and work. and and

Smith, David: " Editor, Newswatch Magazine,"

Smith, Gary Douglas, in his words, "gifted by God, the day after his 31st birthday, with the ability to heal others". Gary tells his story of the amazing healings which have taken place since he realized the "gift". and

Smith, Lendon, Dr.: "Children's Health In a feature article, Life Magazine said: "No one communicates more successfully about children than Dr. Lendon Smith." And communicate he does. And not just about children. The concepts he has helped to pioneer apply to people of all ages. One of the most visible and popular doctors in the country, Dr. Smith has maintained a leadership role in many areas of medicine, taking his message to the people through writing, lectures, seminars, media and personal appearances. Being ahead of his time has occasionally made Dr. Smith somewhat controversial. His early studies with hyperactive kids brought him worldwide acclaim. Yet his nutritional approach was viewed suspiciously by many in the medical community. The same was true of his best seller "Feed Your Kids Right". Of course, these nutritional approaches are standard medicine today."

Smith, Susy: " Ms. Smith is the author of 30 books, and will be discussing her book, The Afterlife Codes: Searching for Evidence of the Survival of the Soul."

Snow, Chet, Dr.: " Dr. Snow is the author of Mass Dreams of the Future, and is the host, along with his French-born wife, Kallista, of the Sedona Conferences."

Sparrowdancer, Mary: "author of "The Love Song of the Universe", a remarkable journey of healing, acceptance and discovery, combining personal experience and fascinating imagery. One of Alex's most favorite books so far, recommended to all."

Sprinkle, Leo, Dr.: "Soul Samples Dr. Sprinkle is Professor Emeritus of Counseling Services, University of Wyoming, and is a specialist in Counseling Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology. He is known worldwide for his work and publications in the fields of counseling theory and practice, ESP, hypnosis, reincarnation and UFO research. Dr. Sprinkle is the author of "Soul Samples: Personal Explorations in Reincarnation and UFO Experiences," and was the founder of IFUFOCS now the Institute for UFO Research."

Steinberg , Dr. Donald – Ohio State University, B.A., M.D., among many other impressive credentials, author of "Cataclysm" an exciting new science fiction novel concerning the threat of World devastation. The story offers a plausible explanation for many poorly understood natural phenomena of the past such as numerous changes in magnetic north, the sudden death of the dinosaurs, the Ice Age, etc. This book is described by a physicist as a rare find, a page-turner, challenging to the intellect, and which constructs a new and coherent world view that challenges established dogma.

Steiner, Brandon: "chairman of Steiner Sports Marketing, representing many of the top athletes in the world of sports, connecting athletes with corporate America through innovative programs as well as memorabilia items."

Stich, Rodney: "author of several books, including "Drugging America, which documents the corrupt war on drugs by government personnel and "Defrauding America", an expose of the undermining of national security and infliction of great harm upon America and the American public. Also "Unfriendly Skies" about airline disasters, according to a top FAA air safety inspector."

Stonier, Dean: "Global Sciences Founder of Global Sciences. "The Global Sciences(r) organization was founded in 1983 with the intent to promote the understanding and integration of body, mind ascension, alternative healing modalities, suppressed technologies, mind control, shadow government/one-world conspiracies.""

Surniak, Paul: "Pro golfer, instructor, certified Golf Power instructor and Colorado long drive champion."

Tellington-Jones, Linda  – The creator of The Tellington Touch, also known as the TTouch. The Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method has now become accepted on a global scale as a means to employ massage in animal management. Linda received a classical cavalry horsemanship education from her first husband, Wentworth Tellington and together they founded the Pacific Coast Equestrian Ranch Farm. After years of garnering accolades and awards for her excellent horsemanship, Linda went on to coordinate and teach the first adult education courses in horse management and horse psychology, followed by clinics for handling and retraining problem horses. Since 1975, Linda has traveled worldwide teaching TTEAM. Linda maintains a deep and abiding commitment to therapeutic riding, sharing her expertise by way of 18 videos and 10 books in 10 languages.

Temple, Christopher: " Editor and Publisher of The National Investor, a financial newsletter. 21 years of experience in the financial services industry and a history of accurate commentaries and forecasts have earned Temple a sterling reputation as perhaps the most accurate market commentator among todays newletter writers and investment advisers."

Thompson Smith, Angela: "scientist trained in neuropsychology and cognitive sciences, relates her experiences which led her to believe she was living a second life, full of strange, baffling, otherworldly events. Her diary of thirteen years' takes us into the depths of alien activities, including experiments, implants, impregnations, and telepathic messages."

Tiller, William, PhD: "Dr. Tiller is a physicist, former Professor of Material Sciences and Engineering at Stanford University, author of "The Microscopic and the Macroscopic Science of Crystallization", and more recently, "Science and Human Transformation, Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness". In the words of Ernest F. Pecci, M.D., in the forward to Dr. Tiller's latest book, "Dr. Tiller, in this groundbreaking book, has taken on the difficult task of bridging the gap between conventional scientific thinking and esotericism, a metaphysic.  His newest book is "Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics", co-authored with Walter E. Dibble, Jr., Ph.D. and Michael J. Kohane, Ph.D.

Tober , Jan, and Lee Carroll, researchers, self-help lecturers have authored two books, "The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived" and "An Indigo Celebration: More Messages, Stories and Insights from the Indigo Children", which bring together doctors, educators, psychologists and more, shedding light on the Indigo Child phenomenon. Indigo Children come in "knowing" who they are, frequently possessing highly technical knowledge, a deep feeling of responsibility for the stewardship of Planet Earth and a high measure of compassion for their fellow human beings. and and

Von Ward, Paul, author of "Our Solarian Legacy: Multidimensional Humans in a Self-Learning Universe", delivers a call to action for human beings to reassess just about everything we believe about our ancestry and global past, asserting we are more powerful beings than either science or religion has led us to believe. Mr. Von Ward can be reached through his publisher at

Watson, Don, Dr.: " Dr. Watson is the creator of the theoretical principle of ENFORMY, the fundamental conserved capacity to organize, as in the nature of energy and mass."

Wayne, Thomas: "Detroit talk show host, spokesman for Americans for Responsible Media. Mr. Wayne is currently involved with Pro-Americans 2000, an organization whose goal is to restore America to the Constitution. The immediate focus being to protest the upcoming "Millennium Assembly", September 6-10, at UN headquarters in NYC, expected to be the largest gathering ever of world leaders under one roof. On the agenda: a revised UN charter called the Charter for Global Democracy, expediting implementation of one world governance, creation of a global IRS that would tax email, international money transfers and energy products. Revenue from these sources will be used for creation of a standing UN ARMY!! Mr. Wayne is an inventor, an author, a television commercial producer, television and radio spokesman, and a citizen advocate and activist. His background includes service in the U. S. Army as a Communications Specialist with Crypto Clearance. Since 1993 he has devoted full time efforts to the American Reform Move"

Webb, Reverend Jim, Ordained Interfaith Minister, serving as the Senior Minister of the Takoma Park Metaphysical Chapel in Silver Spring Minister, has written two books with inspiring and enlightening messages: "Pathways to Inner Peace: Lifesaving Processes for Healing Heart, Mind and Soul" and "The Keys to Enlightened Living". Rev. Webb will conduct a workshop based on these principles in Santa Fe the weekend of November 25. For more information or

Whiteman, Scott: " In 1999, Mr. Whiteman and Brian Camenker, began to eplore the influence of the homosexual lobby on MA public schools. Mr. Whiteman is currently being represented in a civil suit by Chester Darling and the Citizens for the Preservation of Constitutional Rights."

Williams, Anne, artist, writer, teacher and small business owner in Nashville, TN, embarked on a quest which led her eventually to an Aboriginal elder of the Bundjalung Clan in Australia and to her book, "Unconventional Means: The Dream Down Under". As Anne Richardson Williams develops her friendship with her spiritual sister, Lorraine Mafi-Williams, the dreams, visions, stories, and meditations take on a life of their own. The spoken words of the Aboriginal elder and the intuitive map of the author provide a window into the journey which was surely not one of coincidence. and

Wills, Jerry - Editor of Xpeditions Magazine, investigating forbidden archeology, lost civilizations and other unusual mysteries and controversies.  Monday, July 9 - Al Allen - theoretical physicist who entered the field of neuroimmunology due to the perceived security needs of the U.S. during the Korean war. He invented and patented the family of AIDS therapies licensed to CytoDyn, and gueded the manufacturing and testing of Cytolin through approval of its first clinical trial. Also authored "The Last Day", a novelette about aliens and whether they were really here.

Wise , Elia – award-winning writer, educator, inventor, international lecturer and pioneer researcher. Author of several best-sellers, including "LETTER TO EARTH: Who We Are Becoming….What We Need to Know". Elia will talk about what makes people lucky or unlucky, why things and thoughts communicate frequencies that affect our lives, how you can make the best choices, and how nobody gets the "wrong" life.

Wohlsheid, Gary: "Bayside Prophecies and In 1917 the Virgin Mary gave warnings and prophecies to three children in Fatima, Portugal. Many of these prophecies have already occurred with 100% accuracy. At Bayside, New York, Mother Mary explained in great detail the Fatima prophecies and the soon coming events upon mankind."

Worthington, Amy: a contributing reporter for the Idaho Observer who has been researching the chemtrail phenomenon for over two years. She will present details of the alarming information she has accumulated in order to help educate the public.

Young, Dr. Gregory C.D., Ph.D. – Clinical Psychologist, Neuroscientist, Clinician and author of several books, the most recent being "The Winds of the Soul, Heaven’s First Voice to Us". Dr. Young, unafraid to be politically incorrect, claims baby boomer parents are primarily responsible for the decline in public morality and the increase in violence among children. Through the message of his latest book, he encourages us to recover the lost purity and innocence of our soul heritage and reconnect with the voice of Heaven.