Saucy Update 02/11/2007

11 February 2007

Dear Friends,

On Saturday the 10th of February at 1:22 PM the Lord released Saucy from her unbelievable pain and brought her home.

Saucy had been in hospice for two weeks and suffered greatly. Ardeth and I were able to spend a week with her and give her all our love and comfort. For that opportunity we are truly grateful.

Her suffering was so great that not even massive doses of methadone, morphine and several other drugs could assuage the pain. Her Mom, Bobbi, had been spending all her time with Saucy for the past 8 months and deserves as many blessings as possible. There is no way Saucy could have existed for any period of time without her mother's loving support and care.

There is no reason to tell you what Saucy had been going through and what the end was like but understand that all her pain and suffering has now ended. The staff at the hospice was wonderful and caring and tried with everything within their power to make her last days as comfortable as possible.

The rest of us have lost one of the bravest, kindest and most loving people the Creator has allowed to share her time with us. Sara Lyn Grace touched tens of thousands of lives the world over and brought hope and faith to all who knew her and heard her story.

Saucy leaves behind her beloved daughter Cara Jean, her two brothers, Todd and Bruce, and other members of her immediate and extended family.

It is not possible to describe the tremendous loss I feel. Saucy, besides being my darling daughter, was my hero and associate in almost everything I have done. Although she will forever be within my heart, mind and being, the void is something that can never be filled. I hope and pray that she will continue to be an inspiration and example to everyone who learns about her.