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OH!! Here are the cantelope pictures taken at the end of August--In northern MN--Bemidji!! I never watered all summer and we did not have rain for almost all summer long!! These were the sweetest cantelope I have EVER tasted--my husband was very impressed!! My raspberrry garden produced LOTS, too--I have over 20 gallons of them frozen!! Let me know if you want some pictures of the jars and jars of tomatoes I canned or the bags and bags of raspberries!! I have been VERY busy with all this produce!! Mary

You have been sent 3 pictures.

These are pictures of my garden. I used the sonic bloom in my greenhouse in May in starting my plants. Around July 4th I took pictures of spraying the plants with sonic bllom and the large tomatoes ready to ripen as the yellow look on the tomatoes. In August the apples were picked and I had been picking tomatoes and eating before any others in this area. Sept. 29th I finished the tomato harvest and pepper harvest. I had picked and canned so many tomatoes--Over 40 bushels of tomatoes. I gave so many bushels away I lost total count. This has been a tremendous year. It is the first time ever for cantelope for me. The peppers were HUGE and the carrots are just Big and Sweet--every thing is so sweet!! Tomatoes are sweet-peppers are crisp and sweet!! Even the Big cucumbers I usually don't use, my brother in law had some and wanted more to give to his friends as they all said they taste so good and last so long in the frig!! Thank YOu!! Mary

Oh-the eggplant by my daughter in law was HUGE!! Remeber-this is northern MN--Bemidji!! Michele said she had never seen such Huge eggplant in ANY store!! Thank YOU!! Mary

Remember the garden above is in Bemidji Minnesota (short grow season)
Where is Bemidji Minnesota? See map below

Thank you very much from everyone at MRN.