The following suggestions usually fix most issues with regard to listening to the live or archived shows.

Windows Users:

Consider switching to FIREFOX web browser, get it here free:

Fix (1.) There have been some issues with people upgrading Service pack 2 for Windows XP., and the newer updates from April 2005. Some people are getting corrupt file errors on asx files, even if they have accessed the same files successfully in the past. Clearing the history fixes the problem. Here is how to do that; Click Start, control panel, Internet properties, then clear the history. Note: If you once were able to hear the show and you have since been unable to get the show, the streaming server techs have advised us that clearing the Internet history often fixes the problem. This and the other problems are often due to the SP-2 updates for Windows and related recent Windows updates, which can cause the stream or archive not to work. We know first hand that this often fixes the problem of not getting the show. Please do not assume that if you can't connect that it is the our server or the link at the web site.

Fix (2.) How to configure your Windows Media Player:
Start your windows media player, then click Tools, then click OPTIONS, then on the top tab click NETWORK, then UN-CHECK UDP, HTTP, and MULTICAST.

You may need to restart the windows media player, and you may also need to reboot the computer. The only needed connection service for Windows Media Player to work correctly is TCP.

Fix (3.) If the above does not work, then the windows media player will probably
need to be updated to a newer version or re-installed.

To uninstall Windows Media Player: Click Start, Settings/Control Panel, then choose Add/Remove Programs, then click Windows Media Player or if you don't see that click Windows Media Player System update, then click REMOVE.

To Re-Reinstall Windows Media Player go the appropriate link for your operating system below:

Windows Media Player 10 for Windows XP here.

Windows Media Player 9 Series (for Windows 98 SE, Me, and 2000)

Microsoft main download center here ( For Macintosh, Netscape Plug-in etc.)

Reboot the computer after installing the Windows Media Player.

Winamp download for listening via mp3 click here

Other issues dealt with from FAQ:

(1) NETSCAPE USERS - please use Windows Media Player 6.0 and above, and use the controls on your computer to adjust the volume. Click here to downlaod the plug-in

(2) MAC USERS - Consider using the FIREFOX browser.
Free here: use Internet Explorer for Macintosh, and use your volume controls on your computer to adjust the volume.

Click here to download Internet Explorer 5 for Mac.

Click here to download Windows Media Player for Macintosh.

(3) As a not so great option: Disable the Norton Internet Security package ONLY! DO NOT DISBALE your Norton Anti-Virus. Or switch to Zonealarm internet security 2005. Try it for free:

(4) Make sure you have the correct Internet Browser and that your browser is configured correctly. We recommend Windows Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or Netscape 4.0 or higher, as well as the most current Windows Media player for your system.

(5) The stream stops, buffering, gaps in broadcast or delays when trying to connect to the live show or archives. Poor sound quality when I am listening

(a) Too loud or distorted sound: The broadcasts have been a bit loud/over-modulated in the past due to problems with sound equipment,. As of Oct 22, 2004 you should notice that sound is improved/imoroving.

(b) My stream keeps cutting in and out. .. or stopping, what can I do?

Due to the nature of the Internet, sometimes congestion or Internet traffic can cause what is most commonly referred to as "buffering." This is where the audio seems to cut in and out, or stop altogether. This can be caused by a multitude of reasons such as: Your internet provider is overloaded with users, bad connection to your Internet Service Provider, there is an outage on the Internet in the path that you take to get to our servers, you are running too many things on your computer at the same time, too much surfing on the Web while listening to our Internet stream, our servers are having issues or your computer is just plain slow!

(6) Access of shows through a firewall: You may have to make the following changes to your Windows Media Player Configuration:

Windows Media Player (PC) Click on Tools, Select Options, Click Network, Locate Proxy Settings, Double Click HTTP Browser, Select Use browser proxy settings, Click OK, Click OK

Windows Media Player (MAC) Click on Preference Menu, Select Edit, Select Use Proxy for HTTP Streaming, Enter the name of your proxy server and the port number. Contact your Network Administrator if you do not know what to enter.

(7) The audio player seems to be playing, but I cannot hear anything. Why?

Please check the following: Speakers are turned on and that all the wires are plugged into the correct socket. Sound card is working properly. Volume (in the taskbar of Windows) is NOT MUTED.

(8) Mozilla users, to install plug-ins click: TOOLS, then OPTIONS, then on the left click WEB FEATURES then ALLOW WEB SITES TO INSTALL SOFTWARE, then click ok. Then go here to install the FoxyTunes 0.69 plug-in. When you are done you can turn off the "allow web sites to install software" feature if you like.

(9) Streaming Multimedia Plugin for Unix Mozilla. Tired of getting teased by Windows users because your Mozilla isn't as |<()()|_ as theirs? Well, your problems are almost solved. Plugger is a multimedia plugin for Unix Mozilla, Opera or Netscape that handles Quicktime, MPEG, MP2, AVI, SGI-movie, Tiff, DL, IFF-anim, MIDI, Soundtracker, AU, WAV and Commodore 64 audio files. And now, with Plugger 5.1.3, MPEG audio and video can be played streaming. Get it here!

(10) Note to mozilla users. Some players do not recognize the metafile for the "mp3 Windows Stream" we are working on that problem. For now please use the 'Windows Media File" to listen to archives, or use the FoxyTunes 0.69 PLUG-IN.

Click here to get the FoxyTunes 0.69 PLUG-IN.

(11) Linux users , the bottom line is there are a number of solutions for you, click on a, b & c for more information.

(a) Totem Movie Player

(b) GStreamer

(c) XMMS

(12) MAC OS 9.1users download info:

MAC's must hold down the "Option" key BEFORE clicking on a link to download.

This will bring up a menu of choices at the tip of the curser - one of which is "download to disk." The download shows in the download manager of IE - not at the bottom of the screen.

(13) Most Linux and Unix Mac and Windows can choose to download the mp3 via the "mp3 stream" link. Linux & Unix users can also use Totem to stream the "mp3 download" file as well.